President’s order to build a subway in the east of Tehran province/ Will the subway reach Damavand? – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency Pardis“Basijian authority exercise of Pardis city” on the occasion of Basij week this evening with the honorable presence of Tehran governor, Sadat, general director of security of the governorate, Pardis governor’s judges and other officials of the city in Pardis city hall, and the achievements of Basij resistance area in an exhibition at the same time. Revenue implementation.

Alireza Fakhari stated to reporters on the sidelines of this meeting: Imam Rahel (RA) said that Basij is the lineage of Tayyah and this lineage has special characteristics. became.

He added: The great architect of the Islamic Revolution showed the whole world that Mobilization is a grassroots movement with many properties and a cure for the great pains of the great human community.

Governor of Tehran further said: Our belief is that the existence of Basiji thinking, Basiji will, Basiji determination and what is at the heart of Basiji beliefs, all indicate the excellence of internal and external growth and development.

He clarified: Basij is basically an all-encompassing school that comes out of the hearts and souls of honorable and clean people, and the expectation for today from Basij; Effort is multiplication and movement towards self-improvement, transformation and community building.

Fakhari continued: Basij in all fields in the construction of science and research serves the people and in order to improve the cultural, social and political needs of the country and security for the great society not only of Islamic Iran but also of the Islamic world.

He added: Today, Basij-type movements are being formed to defend rights and freedom, and the culture of Basij is growing and promoting all over the world.

He explained: “During the Basij week, all the Basij groups seize the opportunity and display all their performances throughout the year.”

Referring to Basij’s strength, the governor of Tehran said: Basij’s strength lies in technology, science, culture promotion, especially the culture of martyrdom and selflessness, as well as the culture of work, effort and construction, which is exhibited during Basij week.

Fakhari added: This show of power is to give confidence and give hope and determine a bright future for the youth, especially those who are close to Basij and hope that by following the example of Basij’s behavior and thinking, the future of Iran will be bright and prosperous. make progress

The East Metro of Tehran Province is on the agenda

Referring to the status of the construction of the subway in the east of Tehran province, he said: the study work of the subway is being done, which has its own complexities.

Fakhari added: A lot of expenses are needed to realize this project. In the past, the construction of the subway up to Damavand city was planned, and by the order of the officials, especially the president, the issue of the East Metro is also on the agenda.

Referring to the measures taken for the construction of the cemetery in Pardis city, he said: The cemetery has been located by the governor and municipality of Pardis, and the preparation of the cemetery is underway.

It should be noted that at the end of the ceremony, the heads of the sister and brother resistance bases, Imam Juma and the governor were honored as officials supporting Basij.

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