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Jalil Karbakhsh, a member of the board of representatives of the Kerman Chamber of Commerce, in an interview with the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, referring to the recent statements of the ousted head of the Chamber of Commerce, said: “The root of the recent events of the Chamber should be found in the approval of the resolution in December of last year.” The resolution that was approved by the presence and defense of Mr. Selahvarzi in the Supreme Council for the Supervision of Chamber Elections, on the other hand, Mr. Emdand defended this resolution in the Iranian Chamber, and finally this resolution was the basis for Selahvarzi’s presence and participation in the elections.

He added: In fact, it can be said that with this resolution, the election of the president of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce was engineered. Of course, apart from Mr. Selahvarzi, another member of the chamber, who played a significant role in the resolution of December 1401, also intended to run for the presidency of the chamber, but his economic qualification was not approved. The parties and currents with problems are clearly supported and he is officially the representative of these currents.

The smoke of armed resistance goes to the eyes of the private sector

Pointing to Selahvarzi’s resistance to the Supreme Supervisory Council’s decision, Karbakhsh said: “Unfortunately, Mr. Selahvarzi’s objections and not accepting the decision of the Supervisory Council regarding the removal of the head of the chamber caused the chamber to remain in a state of uncertainty.” On the other hand, it seems that the armed forces are standing against the government and this is the reason why no government council invites the chamber in the meetings.

He continued: Obviously, the absence of the representative of the chamber in the meetings and important governing councils will cause losses to the private sector, and the confrontation of the gentlemen with the government has caused nothing but damage to the activists of various economic sectors of the country.

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