Haniyeh: We defeated the plans of the Zionists / I praise the stability of the people of Gaza / I salute the resistance of Lebanon – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, Ismail Haniyeh, head of the political office of the Palestinian resistance movement (Hamas), after the implementation of the ceasefire between the Palestinian resistance and the Zionist regime, said that thanks to the steadfastness and stability of the Palestinian nation, the convergence between the resistance groups and the support of the Palestinian nation By resisting, we were able to confront the invaders and defeat their plans.

The head of the political office of the Palestinian resistance movement added: We consider ourselves bound to implement the agreement as long as the enemy adheres to the ceasefire and its successful implementation.

Haniye pointed to the losses and damages inflicted on the Zionists in this war and said: Our fighters inflicted hard and painful blows on the enemy.

He praised the steadfastness of the Palestinian nation in Gaza and addressed them: We salute our people in Gaza, who with their steadfastness and resistance were a major factor in the retreat and defeat of the enemy and its allies.

Haniyeh also praised the Lebanese resistance and added: I send greetings to the Islamic resistance of Lebanon, which offered dozens of martyrs on the way to confront the invaders.

Praising the people of the West Bank, he said: I praise the heroism of the people of the West Bank in confronting the Zionist settlers.

Haniyeh also saluted the people of Yemen and the Iraqi resistance who participated in this battle with authority and courage.

Stating that “martyrs are the price of freedom, liberation and independence”, he emphasized that the enemy was forced to accept the conditions of resistance and the determination of the indomitable Palestinian nation led to a temporary ceasefire in Gaza.

Finally, after nearly 50 days of war against Gaza, a four-day temporary ceasefire was established in Gaza. According to the 4-day ceasefire, any military action by both sides will be stopped during the ceasefire.

It is also planned to release 3 Palestinian women and children for every Israeli prisoner.

50 Israeli prisoners will be released during the 4 days of the temporary ceasefire. According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, the first group of civilian prisoners will be handed over at 4 pm on Friday, which includes 13 women and children.

It is also supposed to send 200 trucks of food and medical equipment to all areas in the Gaza Strip. According to this agreement, 4 trucks of fuel and liquefied gas (for cooking) will be sent to Gaza daily.

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