Disclosure of the IRGC’s information on the 4 strategies of the enemy in the 1402 election focused on false news – rahnam

According to rahnam news agencyMashhad, according to the public relations of Imam Reza (a.s.) Corps, General Mehdi Sayari said last night in the conference “Basij’s role in the security of the country and prevention of seditions” held by the efforts of Malik Ashtar district of Mashhad. Before the operations of the Gaza fighters, maybe the Palestinian people did not believe in the collapse and failure of the Zionist regime, but now this belief has been established for the Palestinian people and the countries of the region, and even European and Western countries have come to believe that the Zionist regime is going away.

Hamas carried out the Touqan al-Aqsa operation with empty hands

He said: Hamas forces were able to carry out their attack against Israel in Touqan al-Aqsa operation with empty hands against complex intelligence and radar systems, and today America and Israel have suffered a strategic failure and they cannot make up for this failure by bombing civilians.

Sardar Sayari considered the resistance of the people of Gaza more important than action against Israel and said: The Zionist regime had planned to separate the north of the Gaza Strip, but neither the people were willing to leave their homes nor the Arab countries, despite the consultations of the Western countries, willing to accept responsibility. management of the northern half of Gaza, so the regime’s strategy failed in this regard.

A great global backlash against Israel and arrogance has been formed

Sayari added: The resistance of the people of Palestine and Gaza caused a big global obstacle to form against Israel and its arrogance. The large marches in different countries of the world are proof of this global support for Palestine.

The deputy of the intelligence organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps also said: The enemy’s goal during the past four decades has been to overthrow the system, and during this time its goal has not changed, what has changed is its strategy and method.

Combined war of “America, England, Germany, France and Israel” against Iran

Siyari stated: Basij has also neutralized the enemy’s plots during this period, and 90% of the cases have been done with the role of Basij in confronting the movement of the hypocrites.

He reminded: If 40 years ago in this same Mashhad, the hypocrites started large marches and entered the military phase and started team houses, the same organizations of the hypocrites were sometimes identified by informing the student Basij forces.

The deputy of the intelligence organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps stated: The enemy’s plots continued until 1401 and the countries of America, England, Germany and France and the Zionist regime launched a combined war last year.

Last year’s enemies focused on the issue of hijab

Siari continued: They believed that the two spheres of democracy and the efficiency of the system were seriously damaged in the previous years, but the center of power of the Islamic Republic is the sphere of religion.

He added: Today, religious orientation is one of the components of the power of the Islamic Republic, so last year the enemies focused on the hijab issue in order to pursue the 2-polarization debate in this way. to use

The deputy of the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said: In this regard, they focused on the elites of the society, especially the academics, so they started their activities in Fitna last year in October.

The success factors of the Islamic system in controlling Fitna 1401

Explaining the success factors of the Islamic system in controlling the sedition of 1401, Sayari said: the first success factor was the role of the leader of the revolution’s successful management and the second was the bravery of John Barkfan Basij. Weapons go to the field.

He added: Despite the economic problems and livelihood dissatisfaction, the people recognized the enemy’s plan and separated the issues and goals, so the people’s steadfastness was the third factor in the failure of last year’s sedition.

Enemies had a good plan for Fitna 1401

The deputy of the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said: The enemies had a good plan in sedition and they thought that with the slightest protest, people would pour into the streets, but the people did not accept these calls, so as the leader said, their calculations regarding the people were wrong.

Siari also considered the fourth factor of Iran’s success in controlling sedition last year to be supernatural aid and God’s grace.

The deputy commander of the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps also said: We must take an aggressive stance against the enemy’s planning regarding the elections and have a jihadist spirit in order to both see the right and do the right thing.

4. Enemy’s strategy in 1402 elections

Siyari added: According to the leader of the revolution, the strategy of the election is high participation, healthy elections, competition and election security, and the enemy’s strategies in the elections are destabilization of the country, division between religions and ethnic groups, polarization and induction of inefficiency.

The commander of the news corps considered false news to be one of the enemy’s plans and said: “The enemy has focused on the media with lies, they want to use hatred and lies in this regard as a driving engine for the protests.”

I have to say; This meeting was held in the presence of the Basij forces and the families of the martyrs of security in Mashhad.

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