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According to rahnam International News Agency, “Konstantin Gavrilov”, the head of the Russian delegation to the talks on military security and arms control in Vienna, believes that the West is realistically understanding the situation of the armed forces of Ukraine and knows that the Ukrainian front is possible. is going to collapse soon.

According to him, Western politicians only in public statements portray the situation on the contact line of the battle front almost as a “victory” of the Ukrainian army, but behind the scenes they speak completely differently.

He added: “In direct contacts with us, Westerners have quite realistically assessed the situation on the front line and know that in the absence of sufficient aid from the United States, in the context of the developing crisis in the Middle East and the inability of the European Union to replace the United States “They are unlikely to be able to provide the necessary aid to Ukraine and send all kinds of weapons to Ukraine.”

In this regard, the Polish newspaper Myśl Polska also admitted that the ambitions of Volodymyr Zelenskiy and his Western supporters are the main reason for the heavy losses of Ukrainian military forces in the conflict with Russia. He is willing to kill thousands of Ukrainian men so that the country can join the European Union.

“Ukrainian soldiers are being killed on the front because the US and the EU are ordering them to do so and are being used by them as pawns on the chessboard,” the article reads.

Yesterday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported that since the beginning of November, the Ukrainian army has lost more than 13,700 people and about 1,800 units of all kinds of weapons and military equipment.

Earlier, former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter predicted that the conflict in Ukraine would end for Kiev not with the signing of a peace agreement, but with the inevitable capitulation to Russian demands. According to him, the Ukrainian authorities lost their chance for peace talks and now they can only end the war on the terms dictated by Russia.

In the following, you can follow the developments related to the six hundred and thirty-ninth day of the Ukrainian war:


Russian Ministry of Defense: 16 drones of the Ukrainian armed forces were destroyed

The Russian Defense Ministry reported this morning, Friday, that the country’s active air defense systems destroyed 16 aircraft-type drones belonging to the Ukrainian military overnight.

According to this information, 13 UAVs were detected and destroyed in the sky of the Crimean Peninsula and 3 other planes were also detected and destroyed over the Volgograd region of Russia.

Two days ago, the Ministry of Defense reported that three Ukrainian drones were shot down by Russian air defense systems over Crimea.

The Ukrainian army lost 280 soldiers in the Donetsk region

The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported last night, Thursday, that during the last day and night, the country’s armed forces managed to repulse two attacks by Ukrainian army offensive groups in the direction of Donetsk, and the total loss of enemy forces in this operation was more than 280 personnel. A dead and wounded soldier arrived.

In addition, during these clashes, the Ukrainian attacking forces lost three tanks, one infantry fighting vehicle, four heavy trucks and several Western self-propelled guns.

In total, during the last 24 hours, the Russian army repelled 8 attacks by the Ukrainian armed forces, 4 of which were in the Zaporizhia region.

Zelensky imposed extensive sanctions against Russian and foreign natural and legal entities

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy signed two decrees, according to which 147 individuals and 303 legal entities were sanctioned, mainly from Russia. The relevant documents were published on the website of the head of state on Thursday.

Restrictions apply for a period of five or 10 years. People on the list include several Russian military commanders, inspectors, company heads and business representatives. Legal entities also include companies active in the fields of aviation, technology and construction, which are registered in Russia, China, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates and some other countries.

Sanctions have also been imposed on several foreign companies. The list includes companies from Belarus, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Central African Republic and Switzerland.

Emphasizing the need for NATO to create a “military Schengen” in Europe

Reuters reported this morning, Friday, that Alexander Zolfrank, head of NATO’s Joint Forces Logistics and Supply Command, believes that NATO forces should be able to move freely within the borders of the European Union and deploy wherever needed.

Currently, NATO joint forces must follow national regulations when crossing borders, from sending advance notices to the permitted length of military convoys and disease prevention. Zolfrank noted that the military conflict in Ukraine has now become a logistical battle and shows the importance of NATO’s freedom of action. So he proposed to create a “military Schengen” in NATO; That is, a free zone for military actions that allows this coalition to operate freely in most EU countries without problems.

According to him, such an action will allow the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to prepare the scene for future operations before a possible conflict occurs.

Previously, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the alliance is considering the possibility of increasing its permanent presence in Eastern Europe and especially in the Western Balkans.

Protest of the Embassy of Ukraine to Poland regarding the death of two truck drivers on the border of the two countries

Ukrainian ambassador in Warsaw, Vassily Zwarich, announced last night that after the death of two truck drivers in a border area, the Ukrainian embassy asked the Polish foreign ministry to remove the traffic blockade there.

According to him, in connection with the death of the second Ukrainian driver in the line of strikes of Polish ships in front of the border checkpoint “Korchowa”, the embassy immediately sent another official note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and requested to remove the blockage of the movement of cargo vehicles. .

In addition, the embassy sent similar signals to the Office of the President of Poland and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Zwarich reminded that the chosen form of protest and its duration threaten the security of the people and asked the Polish authorities to take decisive measures in this regard.

Ukrainian businessmen asked Zelensky to solve the border problem with Poland

According to mass media, employers’ and road transport unions of Ukraine asked the president of the country, Volodymyr Zelensky, to intervene in the situation of blocking checkpoints on the border with Poland.

As the border situation worsened, the employers’ union together with the International Road Transport Association of Ukraine took the initiative and decided to ask Zelenskiy to negotiate with Polish President Andriy Duda to resolve the border blockade by Polish carriers. slow

According to this report, the damage caused to the Ukrainian economy due to the situation of the border closure with Poland has exceeded 400 million euros, which, including fines and loss of contracts, reaches billions of euros.

Transport companies in Poland have stopped sending military cargo to Ukraine

Polish transport companies blocked the delivery of military cargo and other essential goods to Ukraine in protest over border problems, UNIAN news agency reported Thursday, citing local officials.

According to the agency, it is not possible to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border for a significant part of military shipments related to radar and drones that Kiev needs. Among the vehicles stopped at the Polish border are trucks carrying various types of drones, medicine, fuel and thermal imagers.

Russian diplomat: Ukraine’s arms supply has created problems for the US budget

Konstantin Gavrilov, the head of the Russian delegation at the talks on military security and arms control in Vienna, announced that sending weapons to Ukraine has created serious problems for the budget of the United States and other Western countries.

He said: “This issue has become a serious problem and everyone is witnessing that the American budget was approved temporarily without considering the aid to Israel or Ukraine.”

This Russian diplomat reminded: Currently, Western military aid to the Ukrainian army is decreasing, and more Western politicians oppose these supplies.

According to him, the efforts of the United States to transfer the support of Ukraine to the Europeans do not lead to visible results, and in turn, the authorities of Kiev realize their inability to continue the conflict without the help of the West.

Gavrilov predicted that, however, the transfer of Western weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces would not stop completely.

Putin: Terrorism in any form and in any region is unacceptable

On Thursday evening, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech at the general meeting of the Security Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in Minsk, announced that Russia and other member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization do not support terrorism in any of its manifestations and in any region of the world. The world does not accept.

He added: “In the course of the joint work of the members of the agreement, the cooperation between the intelligence services and law enforcement agencies of the member countries of this organization is continuously strengthened, the purpose of which is to suppress the recruitment and close the exit channels of the citizens of the member countries to participate in the activities of international terrorist groups. It has continued.”

Strengthening the security systems of member countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced on Thursday that the security systems of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization have a high level of readiness. He said at the Council of Defense Ministers of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in Minsk, the capital of Belarus: “The readiness (of security systems) is very high, especially since we periodically review it, conduct various maneuvers and exercises at various training bases, in various countries. We do it, so the readiness of the forces is very high.”

He also emphasized that the joint air defense systems of the member states are still being strengthened, including taking into account the experience gained during the military conflict in Ukraine.

Lukashenko: The exit of weapons through Ukraine is a threat to the whole world

Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, warned yesterday at the meeting of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in Minsk that the uncontrolled transfer of military weapons that takes place through the territory of Ukraine is a potential threat to the whole world.

He reminded that some of the weapons supplied to Kyiv come from black markets and this issue is not a secret to anyone.

Lukashenko added: “If Western politicians are not concerned about this issue, we consider the indiscriminate transfer of weapons and military equipment to be a potential security threat not only to our region, but to all countries of the world.” “Especially now that the new crisis in the Middle East is flaring up.”

Lukashenko considered nuclear weapons in Belarus to be a guarantee for regional security

The President of Belarus also pointed out that the Russian nuclear weapons stationed on the territory of Belarus guarantee the security of the region and gave this republic the right to vote in the international arena.

Alexander Lukashenko said: “From the moment that nuclear weapons were withdrawn from Belarus in 1996, NATO actively approached Russia’s borders and increasingly threatened the security of Russia and its allies, and everyone knows where the situation ended.”

He mentioned how American bombers circled near the border of Belarus in August 2020. In connection with all these threats, currently, according to the President of Belarus, only powerful weapons can guarantee the security of the country and the region.

Lukashenko added that the West’s blame for the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is “simply absurd”. I repeat for the hundredth time, we do not threaten anyone. We simply learn so-called diplomatic etiquette from those who made the language of force a global trend.

Kremlin: We must put pressure on those who are not willing to negotiate with Russia

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized in a press conference that in order to start talks on Ukraine, pressure should not be put on Russia, but on those who refuse to talk.

“As for American pressure, I have to say that history has shown time and time again that it is completely useless,” he told reporters. We stand firm in our positions and on our path. Others refused to talk. And if there is going to be pressure, then you have to put pressure on them.”

Peskov: NATO’s support for Ukraine will not change the course of events on the battlefield

The press secretary of the Russian president also told reporters: “NATO will continue to supply Ukraine with weapons, increase the level of their tactical and technical characteristics, and further increase its participation in the conflict.”

However, according to him, this issue will not change Russia’s decision to continue special military operations in Ukraine.

In this press conference, Dmitry Peskov also rejected the claim that Russia threatens European countries. According to him, the expansion of NATO, which includes many countries of the European Union, threatens Russia, and this is what forces us to do what we are doing now.

Yesterday, Czech President Peter Pavel announced that NATO considers Russia a threat and is preparing for a high-intensity military conflict.

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