2 climbers died in Ashtrankoh/ 5 climbing teams were sent – rahnam

Alireza Soleimani in an interview with rahnam Dar About Referring to the disappearance of 9 mountaineers in Estrankoh, he said: These climbers were sent to the Estrankoh peak from Darud last evening and were sent to Sanbaran peak this morning.

He stated that five mountaineering teams have been sent to Ashtrankoh to find missing climbers, adding that the Central Province helicopter has been sent to heliport these forces.

Referring to the death of some mountaineers sent to Ashtrankoh, the head of Azna Red Crescent said: Three mountaineers are trapped under the avalanche and two other mountaineers have also died.

He stated that the mountaineers who had gone to Chale Kobod area were caught in an avalanche and said: The effort to find the mountaineers is still going on.

Soleimani said: Out of the five mountaineers caught in the Ashtrankoh avalanche, two are from Melair, two are from Durud and one is from Borujerd.

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