The funeral of “Islami Nadushan” in the city of Attar and Khayyam / the body of the master was laid to rest in the blocked soil of Neishabur + video and pictures – rahnam

According to rahnam from neyshabourThis morning, educated and culture-loving people of Neyshabur buried the dead body of “Ustad Mohammad Ali Nodoshan” in the garden of Atar Neyshaburi cemetery and escorted it to his eternal home.

The governor of Neishabur city stated: The gathering of the culture-loving people of Neishabur started at 8:30 in the morning at the famous tomb near the tomb of Sheikh Fariduddin Attar Neishaburi.

Mehdi Dundeh pointed out: The grand farewell ceremony for the professor started at 9:00 AM, and the farewell ceremony and burial were held at 10:00 AM.


He said: In this ceremony, various scientific figures and dear guests from other parts of the country are present, and the hospitable and culture-loving people of Neishabur are hosting these dignitaries.

I have to say; Professor Mohammad Ali Islami Nodoshan was born in the village of “Nodoshan” in Yazd, spent his childhood there and spent his teenage years in Yazd, while always thinking about his hometown and cherishing its memories. He spent the longest period of his life in Tehran and raised a family in the capital. He found like-minded friends, companions, and started to experience and travel far and wide. At the end of his life, he stayed in this country due to a prolonged illness that occurred to him during a trip to Canada and settled in it temporarily.

He passed away on May 5, 1401, and since Professor Mohammad Ali Islami Nodoshan chose “Nishabur” as his eternal home in his will, his body was transferred from Canada to Neishabur for burial after 18 months.

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