The capital of Innovation and Prosperity Fund increased to 10 thousand billion tomans – rahnam

According to the social correspondent of rahnam News Agency, in the last meeting of the Board of Ministers, with the aim of strengthening the capital of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund and providing maximum support to knowledge-based companies and the commercialization of innovations, while amending the statutes, the capital of this fund was increased from the current three thousand billion tomans to 10 thousand billion tomans. found

The Innovation and Prosperity Fund is the result of the law on supporting knowledge-based companies and institutions, which was started in 2017; The year that was called the year of “innovation and prosperity” by the supreme leader of the revolution. This law was approved by the Islamic Council in 1389 and it can be considered as a support and encouragement package for companies that are engaged in the development and commercialization of advanced technology, and today we know them as “knowledge-based companies”.

In this law, in order to finance knowledge-based companies, a fund named “Innovation and Prosperity” under the direct supervision of the President was foreseen with an initial capital of 3 thousand billion Tomans. According to the same law, it was decided that within 3 years, this capital of 3 thousand billion tomans will be provided to the fund, and after that, half a percent of the country’s general budget will be injected into the fund every year.

But in practice, from 1393 to 1396, only 2,622 billion Tomans were provided as capital to the Fund, which is far from the 3,000 billion Tomans approved by the Knowledge Base Law. In addition, the half percent share of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund from the government’s general budget was never realized.

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