Terrorists’ failure in “explosive trap and shooting” at police rangers/Taftan law enforcement officers clashed with criminals – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Zahedan, General Dost Ali Jalilian stated: The agents of the Rangers unit of this command were establishing security in the axis of Zahedan to Khash when they were brutally attacked by the enemy.

This senior police officer stated: An explosive trap had been placed on the side of the road, when the rangers’ patrol arrived, these criminals detonated it and shot at the agents from several directions.

He further stated: The police rangers took a tactical stance and started firing heavy fire and attacked their positions, but they did not resist and ran away from the place, and the police rangers did not have any injuries or casualties.

The police commander of Sistan and Baluchistan also added at the end: “Cowardly terrorists have been pursued and the efforts to punish the perpetrators of this cowardly act continue.”

The conflict between Taftan law enforcement officers and criminals

At noon today, while providing security and patrolling the transportation axis of Taftan, the police officers of Taftan noticed the shooting of evil people towards the police patrol, who immediately took a position and opened fire towards the evildoers and security disruptors.

Due to the superiority of the fire and the tactics of the evil agents, they fled from the place and in the investigation of their position, traces of blood were observed, and the police are still chasing and trying to identify the security disruptors and will punish them for their actions.

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