Raisi: The result of the Gaza war for the Zionists was public hatred in the world/ We need a strong parliament – rahnam

According to the correspondent of rahnam News Agency, Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, President and Vice-Chairman of the Assembly of Experts, this morning at the meeting of the Board of Directors and the members of the commissions of the Assembly of Experts, by honoring the efforts and standing of the oppressed and powerful people of Palestine, who showed that a people who rely on God and self-respect are, he said: A golden screen of resistance was created in front of the eyes of the world and these 40 days were the day of the enemy’s humiliation.

He added: Today is the day of the ceasefire, the people’s resistance paid off and the enemy did not achieve its goals, because they wanted to capture Gaza and destroy Hamas, but what remained for this regime was a general hatred against this regime throughout the world.

Raisi stated that none of the western countries can speak the name of human rights and supporting the rights of women and children, and this issue has become a historical joke and showed that the westerners support Israel’s racism and racial discrimination, he said: The current order in the world is completely unfair and oppressive and cannot put the oppressor in his place, and the inefficiency of the Security Council and the United Nations was revealed.

The President pointed out that today the Palestinian people, the resistance and the families of the martyrs should be congratulated for this victory that a group that does not have an air force, navy or ground force including cannons and tanks, was able to defeat the Zionist regime only by relying on faith and the weapons they made. sit down and show that the military system cannot resist the faith of the steel; The Zionist regime went to women and children out of desperation and helplessness, and if they were not desperate, they would not have done this.

Referring to the time of the ceasefire and the need to provide assistance to the people of Gaza, he stated: I believe that international organizations have lost their effectiveness and emerging organizations as well as nations must take action to support Palestine.

In the continuation of his speech, referring to two important upcoming elections, the President stated: The Assembly of Experts is the guarantor of the continuation of the Republic and Islam and the realization of the lofty Islamic ideals and the wishes of Imam Azim al-Shan. We also need a strong parliament that has effective supervision; A strong parliament guarantees the formation of a strong government and has an effective place in the structure of the system.

Stating that all the institutions of the system are based on people’s votes, while some countries vote, he said: In our country, the presence of the people is decisive and completely democratic, and religious democracy is a reality.

Referring to the interpretation of Master Martyr Motahari that the way of God passes through the people, the vice-chairman of the Council of Leadership Experts stated: People have a decisive position; It is important to strive for people’s satisfaction in all sectors, and people’s satisfaction leads to public participation and public vitality, and ultimately social capital; All efforts should be to strengthen hope and faith in the people, and our duty as servants is to try to be with the people, from the people and with the people with all our being.

Stating that the clergy is still the most reliable reference group among the people and it is a great asset that the people trust the clergy, he said: You hope to serve the people in various circles and Friday prayers, and we in the executive arena should increase participation and Let’s try social capital.

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