Parand Metro will be opened next week/Bazarpash: The excuse of rain and snow of banks for not paying tax fines is obsolete – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam news agency, Mehrdad Bazarpash, on the sidelines of the opening of 1365 residential units in the new city of Andisheh, in response to rahnam’s question about the reason for the postponement of the opening of Parand Metro, said: “This project is ready to be opened and we are waiting for the presence of Ayatollah Raisi, President of the Republic of this project.” to be used nationally.

He added: The problem related to the electricity supply of this project has been resolved and it will probably be opened next week.

He also said about the payment of a fine of 63 thousand billion tomans to the delinquent banks that did not pay the National Housing Movement’s debt relief: So far, the tax fine of the banks has not been deposited into the National Housing Fund.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development added: According to the law, banks must allocate 20% of their facility resources to the housing sector, but a number of banks have disapproved of this, and according to the law, the Tax Administration must pay the fine to the National Housing Fund after receiving it. slow

By announcing the names of the delinquent banks sent to the Tax Affairs Organization, Bazarpash said: This issue will be followed up through the various committees that have been formed.

Stating that it is normal for banks to protest against the payment of tax fines, he added: Regarding the fines of delinquent banks and the deposit of fines to the National Housing Fund, good meetings have been held at the Central Bank and my colleagues are in constant communication with the Central Bank.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development emphasized: I have nominated a representative for this task and he has appointed a representative as the head of the Central Bank.

By stating that there may be a problem with the Ministry of Roads system and we do not want to exempt ourselves from problems, Bazarpash emphasized: The connection between non-payment of mortgage loans and procrastination in non-payment of loans by banks to the system is obsolete in rainy and snowy weather. .

He stated: We demand the payment of tax facilities and fines from the Tax Administration because it is the right of the people. Of course, we don’t want the banks to be penalized against the facts and should be treated fairly. This is not a personal decision, it is the law and is binding on everyone.
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