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According to the rahnam news agency from Islamshahr, during his trip to Islamshahr today, in a meeting he had with athletes, sports teams and a number of city leaders, he said: I congratulate the recent successes of the athletes of this city in the Asian and Para-Asian Games. I am no stranger to the capacities of this city and it needs more attention in the championship arena. All sports are not championship sports, and our first mission is the health of all sections of the society, and as sports politicians, we have the duty to make sports public. There are about 17 thousand insured athletes in this city and this statistic is not good at all.

The Minister of Sports and Youth said: Clubs should attract athletes. About 154 clubs operate in the city and there are 190 gyms in this city, but with these statistics, the productivity is low. Sports per capita is a number and sports per capita will not solve our problem and we must make optimal use of the country’s sports per capita.

He further emphasized: When a hall is used for 20 hours in 24 hours, we can conclude that a second hall should be set up in that area. When the organized population becomes 17,000 people, I doubt the issue of facilities in this area because there is no reception.

Criticizing the conditions of the athletes and welcoming the sports facilities, the Minister of Sports and Youth added: These facilities belong to the people of Islamshahr and are for students whose hall is next to his school, but that hall is closed. We have this problem in the whole country.

Hashemi added: “Heroes are born from these paths and club management should be more effective.” A team in the city is successful in having more clubs, but if the team wants to manage its own team, this team is definitely not a successful team.

Addressing the sports delegations present at the meeting, Hashemi emphasized: Your first mission is to seek to attract talented human resources through clubs. I visited some of the gyms and honestly, great and good work has been done and a significant part of the athletes of this city are working under the cover of these clubs.

The Minister of Sports and Youth said: “You have the responsibility of managing the board, and the teams should not have teams, and this will make your work more difficult and limit the resources.” We also have to provide facilities for the clubs that are active, and we will do this. The government and parliament have tasked me to enter into the discussion of land preparation and if this is prepared, Islamshahr’s task in these areas will be clear.

Hashemi said: The way to achieve sustainable championship sports is education and this is the way the world has gone. We have about 16.5 million students in the country and all of them are talents. Their health is our responsibility and we must work on them.

The Minister of Sports and Youth further added: Don’t think that we should not do anything because education is a separate institution. Communication with devices related to sports should be done continuously. Policy-making is our duty, but every device must do its job in implementation. One of the subjects of our evaluation of the cities is that the sports facilities have good efficiency.

Hashemi noted: The issue of coaches’ insurance was also raised, which is an old wound. Until coaching is considered a job, we cannot solve the insurance problem. During 12 months, the coach comes to the camp of the national team and does not get paid or insured. I hope we can solve this problem with the help of the parliament.

Hashemi noted: I recently wrote a letter to Dr. Qalibaf and a bill has been placed on the agenda of the Senate, and according to the words of the Supreme Leader regarding the employment of athletes, this issue should be investigated.

He added: “If the new law is approved in the next two months, the problems of recruiting the heroes and the children of the Paralympic heroes will be solved.” There is also the issue of exemption from the service of heroes. What the law says is that the champion of the Asian Games and the World Championships and the first to third place in the Olympic Games can be exempted from service, but in the new law, the first to third places in the Asian Games, the World Championships and the Olympic Games will be covered by this law.

The Minister of Sports and Youth pointed out: In the issue of housing for athletes, if there are necessary conditions, we will follow up the necessary work through a letter to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. We will definitely help and during the talks we did, we will try not to leave this city empty-handed.

Regarding the situation of the youth in this region, he said: The issue of youth is also an important issue. There are several problems in the field of youth, one of which is housing, and the issue of youth is a cross-sectoral issue, and the issue of employment, marriage, and having children is considered a challenge.

According to rahnam, in this meeting, the absence of a sports dormitory to host provincial and national competitions, attention to women’s championship sports and solving their problems, lack of health insurance for coaches, the need to increase the number of sports per capita in the field of women, creating jobs for athletes and providing housing for champions and Medalists, the lack of a specialized gymnastics house, the supply of championship sports equipment, the lack of a suitable grass field for the football sports team, etc. were among the most important issues that were raised by the athletes and heads of sports teams and sports coaches of Islamshahr city.

According to this report, the Minister of Sports and Youth visited Islamshahr, accompanied by Mahdi Sharifian, a member of the Islamic Council, Hossein Habibi, the governor of Islamshahr, and Ali Javadi, the general director of sports in Tehran Province, visited two sports complexes in the city.

Upon his arrival to the city, Kiyomarth Hashemi attended the Imam Khomeini Stadium and visited the capacities and abilities of this sports complex and the training of sports teams and academies active in this complex.

During his visit to Islamshahr, the Minister of Sports and Youth examined and evaluated the problems, shortcomings and the latest situation of this sports complex by attending the seven thousand seater stadium of this city.

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