Minister of Interior: The problems of the Firouzkoh river bed are being followed up in the infrastructure commission of the government – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Firozkoh, a meeting of the administrative council of Firozkoh city was held this evening with the presence of Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi, Tehran Governor Alireza Fakhari and other provincial and city officials and discussed the topics of tourism, water and sewage, welfare, flood, cultural issues and other issues. Investigations and necessary orders were issued to solve the problems.

In this meeting, Vahidi said to the managers: It is important to do the work in the position we are present in such a way that it includes the satisfaction of God and the people; We should also do planned work, that is, we should know what we are going to do for this city.

Referring to the tourism capacities of Firuzkoh, he added: Firozkoh city has various capacities, including animal husbandry, agriculture, etc. One of the privileges of this city is having a clean climate; Firuzkoh is a valuable spot in Tehran province; Therefore, the capacities of the city should be strengthened, although there are problems between the population and the facilities that must be solved.

The Minister of the Interior stated: The report of the river bed should be submitted so that the government’s infrastructure commission can follow up and solve the farmers’ concerns. And it does not need to be followed up by the Ministry of Interior.

Vahidi emphasized: Regarding health issues, the discussion of attracting specialists should be pursued; Regarding the floods, dredging and necessary measures have been taken, some of which require funds and will be followed up so that we do not witness a flood like last year in this city.

Stating that the city of Tehran needs about 1400 tons of chickens every day, he stated: Regarding the increase of poultry in Firouzkoh, special measures should be taken to reduce Tehran’s dependence on other provinces in the field of poultry.

In the end, the Minister of the Interior noted about urban sewage: Today, sewage can be used, which is a suitable field for private sector investment.

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