Major General Salami: We have made the arena narrow and unsafe for the enemies/ We will give a tooth-breaking response to any attack and threat – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency YazdMajor General Guardsman Hussain Salami this morning at the opening ceremony of the 128-bed Al-Zahra Hospital in Yazd, pointing out that the Basij has taken extensive measures to serve the revolution and Islam, said: “The supreme leader of the Basij has credibility and authority.” They gave a lot and today Basij is guided in all the affairs of our society and fortunately has an active and influential presence in all strata.

Today, Iran’s Islamic revolution carries a part of divine missions

He considered Basij as a source of inspiration and hope for realizing the great dreams of the Iranian nation and said: Today, the Islamic Revolution of Iran carries a part of the divine mission and the spirit of this revolution is spreading all over the world.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran added: In addition to the fact that the IRGC is obliged to block the way to the enemies of the system and the religion of God, whether at sea, land, or in the air, our other responsibility is to neutralize the war with the help of the system. Soft very complex and comprehensive help the enemy.

Today, the IRGC is at the peak of honor and authority

Addressing the enemies of Islam, revolution and humanity, Salami said: Today, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is at the height of its dignity and authority, and wherever the enemy wants to attack and threaten the honor and dignity of Muslims, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Basij are present at that point. They give a tooth-breaking answer to the enemies.

He continued: “Today, the Basij and the Revolutionary Guards make the field so narrow and insecure that there is no way for them to continue to dominate the enemy, and the enemy has realized this very well.”

Global arrogance has entered into war with Iran in various fields

The Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guards pointed to the enemy’s conspiracies in the attack on purity and morality in the society and added: Today, global arrogance has entered the war with Iran with all its might and in various fields, and economically, economic sanctions on a global scale are in a tight state. The Iranian nation has been imposed and this issue is one of the examples of the enemies’ threats against the Iranian nation.

Salami stated that all the pressures and threats of the enemy are for him to achieve his sinister political goals through sanctions and said: This is despite the fact that during the past years and despite this very large volume of sanctions, with the efforts of the Revolutionary Guards and Basij These conspiracies failed one after the other and among the main examples of the failure of economic conspiracies of the enemies are the activities of Khatam al-Anbia construction camp.

Implementation of 330 large and huge national projects in the field of neutralizing sanctions

He pointed to the implementation of more than 330 large and huge national projects in the field of neutralizing sanctions and said: these are among the great achievements of the Khatam al-Anbia construction camp, which was able to put strong nails on the coffin of the enemy’s rule in dear Iran.

He further pointed to the importance of the activities of Basij and IRGC disenfranchisement camps and said: This camp has played a great role in the construction of the country, examples of which have been witnessed in different parts of the country in the days of Corona, floods and earthquakes. .

Basij belongs to Imam Zaman, the leader of the revolution and the noble nation of Iran

The Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps stated that the Basij belongs to Imam Zaman, the leader of the revolution and the noble nation of Iran, and stated: Basij and jihadi groups are symbols of divine revelations on earth.

Saying that we intend to open Al-Zahra hospital complex in Yazd province within the next three years, Salami said: “The IRGC is fully committed to the security and comfort of the Iranian people until the end.”

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