Babaei: 980 thousand formal and paper companies were suspended / 100% implementation of demarcation and issuance of land documents – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Sari, Hassan Babaei stated at the conference of the deputies of the document affairs of the general departments of property and document registration in Sari: In the proposal to require the official registration of immovable property transactions, which is proposed and stipulated by the Expediency Council, soon regarding If it is decided, the registration organization has several tasks, the most important of which is to set up different systems for its implementation, in this regard, in addition to the 30 systems that are actively operating, there are also five dedicated systems for better implementation. This plan is launched and there are necessary hardware and software preparations to provide electronic registration services and facilitate people’s affairs in this field.

He pointed to the statement of the Supreme Leader who said that the origin of many corruptions and crimes in immovable property is due to transactions that are carried out informally and we must go in the direction of discrediting these transactions, the first step of this important implementation He declared 100 percent delimitation and stated: Ownership with normal documents regarding lands and properties is very unstable and at any moment different people may file lawsuits and claim ownership against them, even after 40 years of possession and ownership of one person in these lands. and definitely the first benefit of formalizing the documents of these lands and properties will be for the people.

Babaei pointed out the demarcation of agricultural lands as one of the important priorities of the registration organization this year and stated: “Unfortunately, there are many challenges in this field as well, which slow down the jihadist movements and functional leap of this organization in some cases.”

He added: In this same Mazandaran province, which is one of the agricultural hubs, most of the lands have been fragmented for various reasons, and since the beginning of this year, in terms of the number of plots, the largest number of plots in this province have been deeded, with more than 39 being deeded. We have had a thousand plots, but this amount is not significant in terms of area, because the demarcated plots are very small, and the most important thing is that in the implementation of the demarcation of these small plots, the Departments of Agricultural Jihad and Land Affairs have created many restrictions, citing the law on the prohibition of fragmentation of agricultural lands. are

Babaei clarified: In this field, the custodian bodies should take into account the upper laws, including the emphasis of the supreme leader of the revolution and the general policies of the 7th development plan, in which 100% implementation of demarcation and issuance of land documents of the country, especially agricultural lands, is emphasized.

He asked the owners of these lands to use the opportunity created and the facilities of the organization of registration and allocation of necessary funds from the program and budget organization to carry out free of charge a major part of the steps of obtaining official documents of agricultural lands, including matching and documenting and preparing maps.

In another part of his speech, the head of the country’s Real Estate and Documents Registration Organization explained the actions of the judiciary and especially the country’s Real Estate and Documents Registration Organization in order to help the government and the transparent and healthy economy and stated: Identification of formal and paper companies is on the agenda This organization is located and since the beginning of this year, with the cooperation of the institutions related to the field of companies, the issue of deactivating these companies has been pursued.

He said: There are about 2 million and 50 thousand registered companies in the country, and according to notes 3 and 4 of Article 186 of the Direct Taxes Law, which is related to inactive companies, so far we have succeeded in converting more than 980 thousand formal and paper companies Let’s suspend.

Emphasizing the need for Parliament’s support for the problems and legal issues in this area and the need to amend and approve the trade law as soon as possible, which causes the process of registering companies to go in the direction of real economic actors establishing and registering companies, he added: by completing the electronic processes and Smartization, which will be completed by the end of February of this year, the registration of companies in our country will be done in less than an hour, and people can register companies automatically, and now also choose the company name in Tehran on a trial basis and completely intelligently. It is running and takes less than a minute, and any similarity or illegitimacy is announced through the system at the moment.

The 71% increase in the collection of arrears by banks through the offices of the registration organization in the 7 months of this year was another news that Babaei pointed out and said: in the 7 months of this year, more than 39 thousand billion tomans of these arrears are in line with the support of the economic system. and the bank of the country has been received and in this area we are trying to carry out all the processes of arrest, execution and auction electronically so that at the end of this year a new face will be presented to the people by developing electronic and smart registration services from this organization. will be.

He emphasized about the activity of the country’s legal entities information base: so far, we have assigned national IDs to more than 2 million and 580 thousand legal entities, and regular communication with the devices in this field is established, especially by providing web services and dedicated pages.

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