Amir Hatami: The resistance will be the winner of the Gaza battlefield/ Israel cannot defeat Hamas – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Firozkoh, Amir Brigadier General Hatami, Advisor to the Commander-in-Chief, in the Martyrs’ Memorial of Firozkoh city, honoring the memory and name of Imam Shahidan, high-ranking martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, holy defense, martyrs defending the shrine, martyrs defending the security of Islamic Iran and especially precious martyrs. Shahidparor city and Firouzkoh governorate said: I was lucky to be present in the Basij commemoration week in the company of you dear and resilient people of Firozkoh city and the families of the martyrs, who are the eyes and light of this country, and pay religious tribute to the holy and enlightened square of the precious martyrs. to have an Islamic revolution

The miracle of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution

Amir Brigadier General Hatami stated that we owe all the victories and achievements of the Islamic Revolution to the pure blood of the martyrs at all stages of the revolution and from the beginning of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, adding: the miracle of the glorious victory of the revolution and the fall of the infamous Pahlavi regime, which was financially and politically supported by the West , the sweetness of the victory in the imposed war that was accompanied by the all-out invasion of the Baathist regime of Iraq to our beloved country with the support of the two blocs, East and West, and most importantly, the failure of the criminal Saddam’s strategy in overthrowing the Islamic system and dividing Iran, thanks to the pure blood of the martyrs of this land. Was obtained.

The betrayals of Kordel’s hypocrites in the midst of an imposed war

The adviser of the supreme commander explained the treachery of the Kordel hypocrites in the midst of an imposed war and at a time when a foreign enemy had invaded this country and clarified: the declaration of armed war by the hypocrite group and the assassination and martyrdom of 17 thousand of our country’s dear people. These vile mercenaries are another proof of the revolution’s righteousness, which was insured with the pure blood of the men and women of this land despite being oppressed. Today, we are witnessing that the ruling regime is trying to purge these criminals at any cost in the international arena and in front of the Iranian nation.

The conditions of the region in the period after the holy defense

Analyzing the conditions of the region in the post-Sacred Defense period, he added: the American campaign in Afghanistan and Iraq, the occupation of these two countries, the all-round military presence of the United States in the Persian Gulf countries and the Oman Sea, and the establishment of numerous military bases in the region are actually evaluations. And it was a prelude to the invasion of our beloved country, Iran, that this sinister plan dissuaded them from this evil plan by analyzing the calculation system of the West and their experience of imposed war and estimating the readiness of millions of Iranian youth to defend the country to the point of martyrdom.

The high deterrent power of the Islamic system

Amir Hatami pointed out: Islamic Iran has achieved a high deterrent power thanks to the blood of martyrs, the wise and prophet-like leadership of the Imams of the Revolution, and especially during the leadership and leadership of Imam Khamenei (Madazala Al-Aali), which caused the strength of the Islamic system and the despair of the enemies. has constructed.

The adviser of the Supreme Commander stated: In its next conspiracy by establishing and creating the Daesh terrorist group in the region, the Sultanate regime was aiming to launch a proxy war by these criminal terrorists and destabilize the region and occupy the two countries of Syria and Iraq. Introduction to be able to continue with the plan of implementing the government of Syria and Iraq, occupying Iran and expanding its government to Khorasan.

How did the ISIS global conspiracy fail?

The former Minister of Defense noted: With the wise leadership of the Supreme Leader and the strategic analysis of His Holiness regarding the global conspiracy of ISIS in the region, once again the sinister goals of the domination system, thanks to the standing and resistance of the fighters of the resistance under the command of the martyrs of the resistance, Lieutenant General Hajj Qassem Soleimani and the pure blood Martyrs of the resistance axis faced defeat and Islamic Iran came out proud and proud again from this divine test.

Referring to the crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza, the adviser to the supreme commander said: “Today we are witnessing the occurrence of one of the most bitter human crimes against the defenseless and oppressed people of Gaza, and the occupiers of the Holy Quds Sharif and those who claim power have committed no crime against women and children.” The Palestinians do not give up and all the western forces have started killing civilians in an anti-human behavior and consider this shameless crime as a sign of their power and prestige.

The defense of the heads of governments that claim human rights from Israel’s child-killing regime

Amir Hatami stated: The heads of governments claiming human rights are defending this child-killing regime, while international assemblies and human rights organizations remain in meaningful silence and allow this unclean regime to commit a horrific and unprecedented crime against children’s hospitals and schools. He has no mercy and by attacking the hospital and its rockets, he seeks genocide and acts contrary to all international conventions.

The former Minister of Defense said: As the Supreme Leader (Madazla Al-Aali) pointed out in a scholarly and deep analysis, the Zionist regime has committed an irreparable and irreparable defeat with the brave operation of Storm Al-Aqsa, and the axis of Palestinian resistance and Hamas is the winner of the field today. And they will never be able to destroy Hamas.

Surprising and daring operations of Hamas fighters

Amir Hatami continued: The leaders of the Zionist regime considered their power due to the deterrence power of their army, and with the surprising and daring operation of Hamas fighters and the failure of the intelligence and security apparatus of this regime, the false deterrence power of this false regime was destroyed and the myth of invincibility was destroyed. This fake regime was invalidated forever.

The adviser of the supreme commander of the forces considered the biggest failure of the child-killing Zionist regime to be the escape of Jewish settlers from the occupied territories and the stopping of Jewish immigration to the occupied territories and added: with these war crimes, in addition to the serious population crisis that will be created for the fake Israeli regime, we will see a decrease We will make heavy economic investments in these areas.

The anti-human crimes of the leaders of the Zionist regime against the defenseless people of Gaza

The former defense minister dismissed the claims of the Westerners regarding the existence of democracy in the Zionist regime as false and said: the anti-human crimes of the leaders of this regime against the defenseless people of Gaza confirmed the false democracy of this regime and the slogan of the liberation of occupied Palestine once again in the minds and hearts. Revived nations and human societies.

Amir Hatami expressed his hope: God willing, with the blessing of the blood of the oppressed and defenseless people of Gaza and the martyrs of the axis of resistance, every day we will witness the strengthening of the discourse of the resistance and the hatred of the Zionist regime.

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