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According to the social group of the rahnam news agency, Mohammad Hossein Niknam said in the “Educational Workshop and Current Studies of Judaism and Zionism in the History of Palestine” which was held in the Hall of Shahid Soleimani of the Ministry of Health: The wrong assumption of people who do not follow the critical situation of Palestine is that Palestine and Gaza is in a good condition and the “Aqsa Storm” operation was carried out for no reason and should not have happened.

He added: According to the numerous reports of the World Health Organizations, which are explained every year in the annual general assembly of this organization under the title of special resolution for Palestine, and more than 190 countries of the world vote positively for it and Iran plays a key role in issuing it, the situation of Palestine in The last 20 years have never been normal, and in the conditions before the recent war, the Palestinians have never enjoyed the humane conditions for even a normal life.

Niknam continued: According to the reports and documents of the World Health Organization, part of which was raised by the head of this organization in the recent meeting of the Security Council about Palestine, the occupying regime of Palestine has had 187 attacks on medical centers and 26 hospitals of Palestinians in 2022 alone.

The special assistant to the minister and the director general of international cooperation of the Ministry of Health, stating that the head of the World Health Organization emphasized the inefficiency of the Security Council in dealing with the terrible humanitarian crisis in Gaza, said: No point in Gaza is safe and there are 1.5 million displaced people in Gaza. They live as open prisoners.

Niknam added: The World Health Organization reported that from the point of view of social factors affecting health, 44 percent of Palestinians in Gaza and 14 percent in the West Bank are unemployed. During these years, 1.78 million Palestinians have experienced extreme poverty and food insecurity, and 1.37 million Palestinians have experienced a severe need for water.

He reminded: In the continuation of the report of the World Health Organization, it is stated that in 2022, access to water and sanitation in normal living conditions in Palestine will be completely distorted and the health system in this country will be completely broken.

The special assistant to the minister and director general of international cooperation of the Ministry of Health, pointing out that according to international treaties, the occupier is responsible for maintaining the health of the occupied area, said: The World Health Organization reports that every Palestinian, except for a few elderly men and women, for their own treatment or His dependents in medical centers must first receive permission from the occupying regime.

Niknam added: In 2022, one third of Palestinian patients will be denied medical services. Also, the companions of the patients must obtain permission from the security apparatus of the occupying regime to accompany their patients, and 62% of requests in this regard are rejected by this regime.

He added: In addition, the companions of the patients are also interrogated. According to the report of the World Health Organization, 225 patients and 61 of their companions were interrogated in 2022, and only 24 patients and 5 of their companions received permission.

The Special Assistant to the Minister and Director General of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Health stated that the questioning of patients and their companions in Palestine by the occupiers is completely reckless, and noted that according to the report of the World Health Organization, the movement of patients in Gaza is also delayed and with the issuance of a permit. It is done and they are required to transfer the patient from one ambulance to another at the checkpoints. This process sometimes takes up to an hour and many patients die or suffer more serious injuries.

Niknam stated: Doctors can pass these stations by car, but nurses have to walk long distances to reach the medical centers and treat patients.

He added: The World Health Organization has stated in its report that from August 2 to 7, 2022, Beit Hanoun, which is the crossing border for patients, was blocked, and during this period, 224 patients could not reach the medical centers even though they had permission to pass.

Referring to the fact that in 2022, as many as 191 Palestinians were killed in non-combat situations, Niknam said: “Unfortunately, the situation in the refugee camps is worse than this.” 236 prisoners died in Gaza’s covered prisons last year, which is a third of the prison population. The tragedies of detention, interrogation and torture of prisoners are also countless in these prisons.

Quoting a memory of the Palestinian health minister during his meeting with him, he recalled: This minister told me that my father had brain cancer, but due to the difficulty of traveling to the hospital and the occupation regime’s harassment in issuing permits, we stopped taking him to the hospital until a while. who died

The Special Assistant to the Minister and Director General of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Health said: Regarding other health indicators in Palestine, the report of the World Health Organization indicates that 26.7 percent of Palestinians aged 30 to 70 are suffering from infectious diseases. Infant mortality per live birth between 2019 and 2020 was 12 children and 17 children in the camps. Mortality of children under 5 years is 14 per 1000 children.

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