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Mohammad Naseri, a member of the Council of Writers of the Javadalaimah Mosque (AS) and the secretary of the 22nd period of the Habib Ghanipour Prize, in an interview with the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, said about the announcement of the closure of this award: The 22nd period of the Martyr Habib Ghanipour Prize is based on the decision of the council. The authors of Javad Al-Aima Mosque (AS) were closed. However, the activity of the friends of the Council continues and the focus of the Council will be mainly on the training of young people.

He continued: The late Amir Hossein Fardi trained many writers from his youth and now the youngest member of the Writers’ Council of Javadalaimah Mosque is over 50 years old, the writers who are members of this Council have a lot of experience and will try to train and educate young writers.

Referring to the statement of the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Ministry of Guidance regarding financial support for this festival if necessary, Naseri said: “The Shahid Ghanipour Award has never had a financial nature, what was related to the mosque and the Writers’ Council was the awarding of Habib’s emblem and the award statue. It did not involve a large amount and was provided with the financial participation of the council, and the judges judged with love. Institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Guidance and the Art Department usually voluntarily presented prizes to the winners of each course, and these supports had nothing to do with the activities of the Council, we never received financial support, and it is also mentioned in the award charter that we are affiliated We do not have any institution, it is a popular movement and a mosque that was formed. But the organizations in charge of the culture field also supported selected writers in periods.

In response to the reason for the closure of the award after 22 years, he said: What happened that the Writers’ Council decided to stop the award after 22 years (Shahid Ghanipour was also 22 years old), at a suitable time with the presence of other council members. We will inform you, but for now, keep in mind that “Allah’s soul is not limited to anything but vastness”. In any case, the friends of the council came to the conclusion that they should focus and put their ability on the training of human resources. From a sensory point of view, all the members of the council were aware that the Shahid Ghanipour prize had a very good place among the writers of the field of revolution. But we will no longer have anything called the Shahid Ghanipour Award.

In the end, Naseri announced the establishment of monthly meetings for story writing training and writer training and said: “Even now, some members such as Khosro Babakhani, Naser Naderi, Habib Yousafzadeh are engaged in training writers.”

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