The first autumn snowfall in East Azarbaijan/ the happiness of farmers from the rains + video – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Tabriz, the first fall snow in East Azerbaijan in most areas of the province has made people happy, especially farmers, and this snow promises the farmers of the province to have a fruitful year.

This snow, which has transferred its extreme cold to some cities, brought heating appliances and warm clothes into the consumption circuit in East Azerbaijan.

It should be mentioned that East Azerbaijan is a cold and mountainous region and it is considered as a semi-arid region in terms of climate classification.

The climate of this province is generally cold and dry, but due to the topographic diversity, it has different climates.

This province is always under the influence of the cold northern and Siberian winds and the humid winds of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as local winds influenced by the Sablan mountains in the east, Sahand in the west and southwest, the Qara Dagh mountain range in the north, Takht Suleiman and Arbat mountain ranges. In the south, Bezgosh heights are located in the southeast and Ghoshadagh in the northeast of the province.


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