Sahrai: distribution of milk in schools will be nationwide – rahnam

According to the reporter of rahnam news agency, Minister of Education, Reza Murad Sahrai, on the sidelines of the meeting of the government board and in the group of journalists, said about the distribution of milk in schools: milk distribution in schools is currently being done in several provinces, and we are trying to distribute it nationwide. to be

He added: 16 million packets of milk should be distributed to schools on a weekly basis, which is being pursued.

The Minister of Education continued: “We don’t have classrooms without teachers across the country now, and Article 41 of the Ministry of Education Regulation Law, which was approved, is for this purpose, so that the minister can quickly compensate for the shortages from the place of purchase of services.” This ministry has also solved the shortage with organizing policies. In our opinion, 1402 was the most brilliant year of organizing.

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