rahnam field report – 62 resistance attacks on American bases; More than 60 dead and wounded at the hands of the Pentagon – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of the rahnam news agency, these days eastern Syria and Iraq have become a nightmare for the American military. During the last month, resistance forces attacked American bases 62 times, which killed and wounded more than 60 American soldiers.


but this is not the whole story! With the continuation of American and Zionist regime crimes in Gaza, the resistance attacks the American bases with more intensity and variety. Over time, new weapons of resistance will be unveiled. For example, it was recently announced that the resistance will use its precision guided missiles called “Saram” to target American bases.

In this context, Syrian journalist Zaher Tahan said in an interview with rahnam news agency: “In the past few months, the Islamic resistance in Iraq has increased the intensity of its attacks on American military bases. These attacks have caused the hysterical reaction of the Americans.”

Simultaneously with the intensification of pressure against America in eastern Syria, we are witnessing the activation of the terrorist group “ISIS”. ISIS, which previously claimed that it was fighting the resistance and America at the same time, in the new round of its activities, it has only focused on attacking the bases of the Syrian army and the resistance. This change of tactics shows important points at the same time as the temporal symmetry of the developments in Gaza and the attack on American bases in eastern Syria.

Most of the ISIS attacks have taken place in the southern suburbs of Raqqa province, the eastern desert of Homs province (the city of “Al-Sukhna”) and finally Deir ez-Zor province. In more precise terms, ISIS is attacking the positions of the resistance groups and the Syrian army in the Badia region of eastern Syria in order to make the communication corridor between Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut unsafe.

This temporal symmetry and the intensification of ISIS operations show its clear alignment with American interests. A subject that even followed the reaction of Moscow. Recently, the command center of the Russian army at Al-Humimeem base also warned against the provocative behavior of the American occupying forces, especially at Al-Tanf base.

In this regard, the famous Syrian journalist “Lami Kayali” says: “More than 60 times American bases were attacked (by resistance). We must say clearly that these American bases support terrorist groups. The American support to terrorist groups is done for this purpose so that they attack the positions of the Syrian army and resistance groups.

Regarding the reason for America’s approach in supporting terrorist groups, he added: “On the one hand, they want to erode the Syrian army and the resistance groups involved here so that they are indifferent to the crimes that occurred in Gaza.” On the other hand, he hopes that with the erosion of the army and the resistance, a platform will be provided for new operations and the occupation of wider parts of the Syrian territory.

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