Moghadamfar: Agreeing to a temporary ceasefire by the Zionist regime was an admission of defeat/not even a single Zionist prisoner was released through the military – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency’s political reporter, Hamidreza Moghadamfar, an expert on strategic issues tonight, in a special news interview program of Cima about the ceasefire between Hamas and the Zionist regime and also the crimes of this regime, during his speech while congratulating Basij week, said: In Cima channels, about the Palestinian people from the phrase ” Mazloum Moqtadar” is mentioned; We have portrayed the oppression of the people of Gaza well, but we have not explained the authority and victory of the people of Gaza, and we must do more in this field.

He added: Today, the Zionist regime has reached the final stages of its work, and accepting a ceasefire is a failure for it. This child-killing regime is an expert in media and tries to make defeat look like victory. Many Zionists are shareholders of major Western media and can create perceptions, and we should pay special attention to this issue.

This expert on strategic issues, regarding the Supreme Leader’s interpretation of the defeat of the Zionist regime as a “technological blow” in their meeting today, stated: In order to better understand this issue, the field and the scene must be drawn correctly; On one side, there are groups that have been usurping and occupying people’s homes for 80 years, and on the other side, there are the oppressed Palestinians who want to take back their homes and their land from these criminals. The aim of Hamas and the Palestinian resistance in general is to target the components of survival and continuation of the occupation of this regime, and one of the most unprecedented and best operations took place in Al-Aqsa storm operation.

He added: The first component of the continuation of the Zionist occupation is its military aspect, which they claimed was invincible. The second aspect was their intelligence apparatus, which they thought was the strongest intelligence apparatus in the world, and the third aspect was their hegemonic tactics; That is, the depictions that they made of themselves in a civilian and non-security sense and tried to show themselves as normal people and their presence as legitimate and acceptable. But all these pillars and elements of the Zionists collapsed in the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the brutality of the Zionists in the days after the operation.

This university professor stated: In the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the Zionist army failed in an unprecedented way. We saw that the Palestinian fighters and their missiles were able to pass through the human and missile defense walls like the Iron Dome and other barriers of the Zionist regime in an unprecedented way. Their armies were taken by surprise and their intelligence agency, which claimed to be eavesdropping on every single person in Gaza, did not know about it until a second before the operation. About 2000 people were training in front of their eyes for two years, but they did not know about this issue.

Moghadamfar said: Some have questions about these events and the victorious and defeated side; It must be said that Hamas and Palestine have achieved their goal and this was the greatest achievement and the public opinion of the world also realized the nature of the Zionist regime. Not only the Zionist regime, but the nature of America and the western countries that helped this regime was also known. During this period, the Zionist regime had consecutive failures and today it needs this ceasefire more than the Palestinians. Their first failure was the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the second failure was the exposure of their brutality in rocket attacks on defenseless people, their third failure was the ground entry into Gaza, and the fourth failure was their security, moral and military scandals in the attack on schools and hospitals, which did not yield any results.

Regarding the words of the supreme leader of the revolution, who said that “these atrocities will shorten the life of this usurping regime”, he said: The Zionist regime took measures to restore its situation after the Al-Aqsa storm operation, but their goal was wrong and they did not pay attention to the fact that this failure It is not repairable and they have failed strategically. Their lie about saying that the headquarters of Hamas is located under a hospital brought them another scandal.

Moghadamfar added: If the Zionists had accepted defeat on the first day, they would not have been in this situation. This regime is somehow floundering in the swamp in ground attack, bombings, genocide, etc. and it must be emphasized that accepting the ceasefire was very necessary for this regime. They need that truce more than the people of Gaza because they cannot bear the harsh conditions.
They cannot live in these conditions for about 50 days, and in the 22- and 33-day wars, they showed that they are not people of hard times.

The expert on strategic issues further stated: The Zionist regime used to declare its goal that it wants to destroy Hamas and release the prisoners. Hamas cannot be destroyed, and they failed to do so, and they also failed to release even one of their captives through the military. The fact that the Zionist regime has agreed to a ceasefire now means its defeat. This is also the fifth failure and an admission of failure in the previous four stages.
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