Minister of Labor: acceptance of Kalaberg is increasing – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency’s government reporter, Seyyed Solat Mortazavi, Minister of Labor Cooperation and Social Welfare, on the sidelines of the government board meeting and among the journalists, said about the implementation of Kalaberg electronic project: Kalaberg’s software and hardware infrastructure is active and about 150,000 stores are connected to the system. Public acceptance of it is increasing.

He added: Kalaberg is receiving special attention in next year’s budget and the government has fulfilled its legal obligation.

Mortazavi continued: Basically, the sources of pension payment and retirees’ rights all over the world are provided from the legal deductions of employees and workers in different fields. Due to the increase in the average life expectancy, the stability and support factor of the funds, which is 6 people to 1 person for each retiree, has been greatly reduced.

The labor minister continued: In the social security fund, which is the best fund, it is 4.1 to one person, and many funds were closed. The main reason for this is that the average life expectancy index has increased and the support factor has decreased.

He clarified: During the program, the retirement age for some employees is supposed to increase by three months per year, and there were other proposals in the government bill, but there were changes in the parliament. Employees who have served 28 or 29 years are not covered by this law, and the implementation of this law is guaranteed from 1405.

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