Governor General of the Central Bank: Another part of the blocked money will be released soon – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, the Economic Commission of the Assembly of Leadership Experts held a meeting in the presence of the Governor General of the Central Bank in the office of the secretariat of this assembly in Tehran.

In this Farzin meeting; The Governor General of the Central Bank, explaining the actions of the Central Bank to reduce the inflation rate, prevent the growth of liquidity and control the currency and gold market, announced the opening of the new building of the gold and currency exchange center in the near future.

He also presented a report on the release of the blocked funds of our country and how these funds were spent and said: another part of the blocked funds will soon be freed and available to our country with the consultations held.

In another part of his speech, Farzin considered the exchange rate control as one of the effective actions of the Central Bank in the past months and said that the requirement of currency applicants to open a currency account was one of the ways to eliminate middlemen and prevent brokers from playing in the currency market, and this action contributed significantly to the disorder. There was a currency market.

Further, the members of the commission expressed the economic and livelihood demands and concerns of the people by emphasizing the necessity of strict implementation of Islamic banking laws.

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