Exclusive/ 21,400 meters of prime land in Milad Tower area of ​​Tehran will be returned to Baitul Mal – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, the specialized branch of the General Court of Law (Tehran’s specialized judicial complex for dealing with commercial claims) according to the legal document (in detail in 34 pages) of the arbitration award on the subject of Article (30) of the Law on the Implementation of General Policies of Article 44 of the Constitution on the cancellation of transfers It has confirmed the legal case of “handover of the blood refining and research company” that by issuing this decision, about 21,400 square meters of government land (nearly 10 thousand billion tomans) was returned to the benefit of Bethalmal.

The Presidential Legal Vice-President has asked the head of the privatization organization to follow up on the expropriation and restitution of government property in the privatization of the blood refining and research company.

Soon, new and more complete documentation of corruption will be made and the recent cancellation of this handover outside of its legal formalities will be published in rahnam with the follow-ups of the presidential legal vice.

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