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According to the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, there are currently about 15 million workers in the country who work in various service and production sectors. Workers, like other strata of society, have been working in the country since the beginning of the revolution and have walked alongside the people in all hardships and sweets, lows and highs.

Workers are among the strata that suffered a lot in the economic turmoil, inflation and inflation, especially in the two years at the end of the 12th and 13th governments. A group that is considered the basis of economic developments and turning the wheels of the country’s economy, but at the time of decisions, the last attention has always been paid to them.

Some people believe that the workers have not been able to have their demands properly, as a result of a series of excessive decency of the workers as well as economic turbulences and ineffective economic policies have brought the work to the point where most of the workers are facing severe livelihood problems.

The root of labor problems can be seen in two areas, firstly from the point of view of government decisions and economic structure, that is, in a way, an external factor, and secondly, the structure of the labor and trade union society, or in other words, an internal factor.

Job security is one of the most important concerns and demands of the labor community, which plays a significant role in maintaining employment and protecting the workforce. In a word, job security means work stability, which creates work motivation, production quality and company productivity, and in international documents, the constitution and the labor law of our country, the importance of workers’ job security is emphasized and a special executive guarantee is considered for it. Is; Despite this, today more than 96% of the country’s workers are contracted and temporary, and only 4% of the country’s total workers are considered formal, and the labor community wants the annulment of the 179 rulings of the Administrative Justice Court in the field of labor contracts. Also, livelihood and insurance problems are among the other concerns of workers, which are raised every year on the eve of Labor Week.

The low wages of the real inflation of the society has made the table of workers smaller every day. Workers are the only class that is hit by economic shocks. For example, with the high price of tomatoes, eggs and bread, the workers’ tablemates are affected. Every year, with the arrival of autumn, the price of tomatoes increases. Many times in the streets and alleys, we have come across workers with fresh bread, egg combs, tomatoes and onions in their hands, workers who satisfy their hunger by making a simple egg or an omelette. Now, with the high price of eggs, tomatoes and oil, “omelet” is not only not considered a worker’s food, but some workers have been denied from eating it.

Since the beginning of the year, the price of some food items has been changed many times and this has caused the group that receives a fixed monthly labor income to remove some items from their consumption basket. It is the second and third jobs.

* 70% of workers have a second job

Hadi Abui, the representative of the workers in the Supreme Labor Council, stating that the amount of wages is so high that the workers refuse to work in the production units, said: the workers believe that with long working hours and low income, they cannot afford living expenses, and they have to after the end of the hour. Work in a production or administrative unit to go to a second job and provide for the family. After a while in the second job, for example (Internet taxi), their desire to choose it as their permanent job increases and they prefer to go to those jobs.

Abui added that the facts must be accepted: the gap between workers’ salaries and living expenses is large, workers’ wages are not fair, if I, as a member of the Supreme Labor Council, based on the principle of tripartism, consent to a 27% increase in workers’ wages in the council this year I gave, in fact, I was not fully satisfied as a representative of the workers, the Supreme Labor Council considered the interests of both workers and employers.

The Secretary General of the Supreme Confederation of Iranian Workers’ Unions, stating that the supply and demand conditions of labor have changed compared to the past, said: 70% of workers have a second job to support themselves.

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