Bazarpash: The second phase of Imam Khomeini Airport will be opened next week with the participation of a foreign party – rahnam

According to the reporter of rahnam news agency, Mehrdad Bazarpash, the Minister of Roads, Housing and Urban Development, said this morning on the sidelines of the government delegation meeting in the group of reporters: Next week, the implementation of the second phase of the Imam Khomeini (RA) airport, worth more than two billion dollars, will begin. We will do it with the participation of the foreign party.

He added: This is one of the biggest projects in the country and it will be a big step towards becoming a regional hub in the airport field. This plan has been proposed for years, but it was left and efforts were made in the last few months, and this plan will be implemented.

Stating that about one million nine hundred thousand residential units are being built across the country in the National Housing Movement, the Minister of Roads stated: We are planning to deliver 500,000 plots of urban land this year, of which 400,000 have been delivered.

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