Amir Abdullahian: The martyrdom of journalists in Lebanon and Gaza shows their role in reflecting the Israeli regime’s genocide – rahnam

According to the foreign policy group of the rahnam news agency, Hossein Amirabdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, in response to the martyrdom of two Al-Mayadin network journalists by the Zionist regime, wrote on his personal page in Program X: The martyrdom of dozens of journalists and cameramen in Gaza and southern Lebanon in the brutal attacks of the fake regime Israel, including the martyrdom of two hard-working Al-Mayadin journalists, shows the impact and special role of journalists in reflecting the genocide and war crimes of the Israeli regime and awakening the public opinion of the world.

Yesterday, 2 Lebanese journalists and a civilian were martyred in the Zionist regime’s attack on the town of “Tirharfa” in southern Lebanon.

According to the published reports, “Farah Omar” reporter and “Rabi Al-Maamari” cameraman of Al-Mayadeen network were martyred in today’s attacks of the Zionist regime in southern Lebanon.

Najib Mikati, the Prime Minister of the interim government of Lebanon, in response to the testimony of two journalists of the Al-Mayadeen Lebanese network, said that this crime and attack proves that Israeli crimes, which aim to silence the media, know no bounds.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has said about the martyrdom of journalists in Gaza: Since the Committee to Protect Journalists began its activities in 1992, this month has been the bloodiest month in history for the community of journalists and journalists.

63 journalists have been martyred since the beginning of the Zionist regime’s attacks on Gaza.

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