Absence of one-third of the representatives in the review meeting of the 7th development plan / 93 representatives say where exactly are they? – rahnam

According to the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, today’s public meeting of the Islamic Council, which had the review of the final stages of the 7th development plan as a high-level and strategic document, was held with the presence of 192 people, which means that 93 representatives were not present in the meeting.

Although the disorderly state of the parliament near the elections is not an unprecedented issue, but in the current situation where the parliament is involved in reviewing the important – and delayed – 7th development plan, the absence of representatives cannot be accepted. Especially since the country’s next year’s budget bill is also waiting for the completion of the review of the 7th development plan so that it can be put on the agenda immediately.

After a delay of several months by the former government, the seventh development plan bill was finally presented to the Islamic Council by President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi on June 28, and with the formation of a consolidation commission, its review was put on the agenda.

However, many experts and analysts and of course some of the representatives of the Islamic Council correctly criticized the delay in this important program.

On October 5 of this year, more than 90 representatives were absent from the public session of the parliament (with the same agenda of reviewing the 7th development plan), which was met with objections from some of the representatives present. In response to the protest, Hojjatul Islam Zulnoor, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, announced: “The Parliament examines the development program bills once every 5 years, which is the most important issue during the life of the Parliament, and we also examine the budget bill once a year, so Colleagues must be present in the parliament during the review of budget bills and development plans.

Apparently, the members of the parliament should be reminded once again how much it costs for every minute of holding public meetings, and the representatives have the duty to put attending the parliament and examining the plans and bills on the agenda of the public meeting as their first priority, especially when the parliament is involved in the investigation. It is an important program for the development of the country.

As the government spokesperson Bahadri Jahormi said before, with the request of the representatives of the parliament, it was decided to postpone the review of the country’s next year’s budget bill to the time after the completion of the review of the 7th development plan bill.

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