Yemeni expert: The seizure of the Israeli ship is a terrible blow to the economy of the Zionist regime – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of rahnam news agency, Hamid Rizq, a Yemeni political analyst and media figure, said in an interview with rahnam news agency: The seizure of an Israeli ship by the Ansarullah movement has dealt a terrible blow to the body and economic foundations of this regime.

Rizk added: This operation was carried out with the aim of supporting the Yemeni army and the resistance of the oppressed Palestinian nation, which has been exposed to massacres and killings by the Zionist regime for weeks with the direct support of the United States. This operation was carried out a few days after the continuous warnings of “Syed Abdul Malik al-Houthi”, the leader of the Ansarullah movement; Especially as he emphasized that if the military attacks of the Zionist regime against the oppressed people of Gaza continue, the Zionists will be targeted by the Yemeni army at sea.

In explaining the details of this surprising operation, this Yemeni expert said: This operation took place after a series of detailed intelligence and military preparations by the Yemeni army, during which the army’s naval special operations forces managed to take control of the Israeli ship and send it to the waters of lead Yemen

Rizk continued: The news indicates that this ship belongs to one of the richest Zionist businessmen, who according to received information was a member of the Mossad.


He further pointed to the threats of the Yemeni army towards the Zionist regime and noted: The Yemeni army has emphasized that only Israeli ships in the regional waters and the Red Sea will be the target of possible operations in the future, and other ships can leave the waters in complete safety and health. To travel in the region and territory of Yemen.

Hamid Rizk, while analyzing the initial reaction of the Zionist regime to the news of the seizure of the commercial ship of this regime in Yemeni waters, stated: The Zionist regime and its allied countries initially tried to deny that this operation was carried out by the Yemeni army, and even to deny the Israeli ownership of this ship. Of course, this issue was a natural and expected reaction, because this action was a huge, exceptional, surprising and unpredictable blow to the Zionist enemy. It should not be forgotten that this action of the Yemeni army was an important turning point and indicated the beginning of a new phase in the fight against the Zionist enemy.

In response to the question about the negative consequences of this Yemeni resistance operation on the economy and trade of the Zionist regime, which has been on the downslope in recent months and weeks due to internal political differences and the developments caused by the war, and now the maritime security of this regime is also affected by the army. Yemen has been challenged, he said: The Red Sea is a vital artery for Israel, and Bab al-Mandab is also a bottleneck through which it can be connected to the Red Sea. In fact, the ships of this regime enter the Red Sea by passing through the Bab al-Mandab strait. After that, they can drop anchor in Haifa and Eilat ports, especially since Eilat port is a vital and strategic port for the Zionist regime.

Rizk went on to explain the security and strategic aspects of this action of the Yemeni army against Israeli ships: without a doubt, from now on, the traffic of ships related to the Zionist regime will be accompanied by a significant increase in the insurance price for the owners of these ships, in fact, after the speech of Seyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the Zionist regime should be more careful about the traffic of its ships in the Red Sea.

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This Yemeni expert criticized the support of the West and the United States for the crimes of the Zionist regime in killing the people of Palestine and Gaza and said: The Zionist enemy is facing many financial and economic problems due to the war it has waged against Gaza, including the increase in the costs of the war and economic collapse, especially the decrease in the value of its currency. has been faced, but we have no doubt that America and the West will support this regime and try to prevent the economic collapse of this regime.

This political analyst of Yemen issues, in the final part of his conversation with rahnam reporter, while declaring solidarity with the oppressed people of Yemen, referring to the scenarios facing the army and Yemen’s resistance to the crimes of this regime, said: In the territory of the Red Sea, the Zionist enemy paid a heavy price for the war. and will be faced with the countermeasures of the resistance and the Yemeni army. If the war continues, all scenarios will be considered, including the seizure of this regime’s ships at sea, because the Zionists will have to pay the price of this war. The occupying enemy should not imagine that he is facing an easy war, but should know that this war is a war for the existence of this regime.

Finally, Hamid Rizq explained the responsibility of the Islamic countries in this important and vital moment and said: Today, the Islamic and Arab countries should use this opportunity to help the Palestinian nation and enter the field of struggle against the Zionist regime and this war as a strategic battle that the fate of It will determine the Islamic and Arab Ummah, look.

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