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According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, on Monday, the news of Azadeh Samadi, a film and television actress, being banned from leaving the country was published in cyberspace, and a number of social network activists criticized why a traveler should be informed of his exit ban when leaving the country. .

This was despite the fact that the head of the Judiciary had previously emphasized that the ban on people’s exit should be announced to them immediately.

Media speculations went in the direction that the news of Ms. Azadeh Samadi’s lack of notification of her exit ban is a mischief and deliberate pressure on the judicial system, and once this speculation became a reality that Mehdi Kashtdar; The CEO of the Judiciary News Agency (Mizan) announced: “Ms. Azadeh Samadi was informed of the ban in advance and she went to the airport knowing that she was banned. Even the director of the movie “Aziz” who was with her last night asked the authorities about the latest status of the ban. He asked a question.”

On the other hand, the Judiciary Media Center announced in order to enlighten the public opinion about the notification of the exit ban to Ms. Azadeh Samadi: “An hour ago, the media reported that Azadeh Samadi, a film and television actress, went to Imam Khomeini Airport and her passport was confiscated. has been

In this regard, and according to the repeated emphasis of the head of the judiciary, who has emphasized on the announcement of the ban on the exit of people, he had already been informed that Azadeh Samadi was banned from leaving.

In July of this year, Azadeh Samadi was notified of the ban on leaving the country in the presence of a lawyer, and he promised not to leave the country due to the open judicial case, but despite this, he arrived at the airport today knowing that he was banned from leaving.

For the past few days, knowing that he was banned from leaving, some people in the cinema started trying to solve the problem of this movie actor, and even the director of the movie “Aziz”, who was going to the 54th Goa Festival in India with Azadeh Samadi, is one of the responsible institutions in He asked whether the exit ban was lifted or not and was aware of the matter.”

According to rahnam, Azadeh Samadi; The actress of our country’s cinema and television took off the hijab during the funeral ceremony of one of the artists in Khordad this year. Mrs. Samadi was summoned to the judicial authority for this act, and after receiving the defendant’s defense and her lawyer’s statements, the investigator of the Culture and Media Prosecutor’s Office issued a summons for her to appear in court for injuring morals and public modesty through the removal of the hijab.

Finally, this court verdict was issued for Azadeh Samadi’s crime; 2 months imprisonment, 6 months ban on using cyberspace and attending psychology classes to treat antisocial personality.

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