Parliament’s opposition to Nadran’s resignation – rahnam

According to the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Council, this Tuesday morning (November 30), while explaining the closed meeting of the parliament to consider the resignation request of Elias Nadran, said: After listening to the words of Mr. Nadran and 5 members of the parliament, voting for The resignation was done, and in the end, more than 90% of the representatives opposed Mr. Nadran’s resignation.

According to rahnam, at the beginning of today’s public session of the Islamic Council, which is following up with the agenda of the investigation of the resignation request of Elias Nadran, the representative of Tehran, he said: since a number of representatives requested that Mr. Nadran’s resignation request be considered in a closed meeting According to article 102 of the regulations, the representative of the applicant has 15 minutes to present his request for holding the meeting in private.

He added: Then voting will be done and if two-thirds of the representatives vote for this request, the meeting will continue in private. But if the representatives disagree, the session of the parliament will be open and the request for resignation will be considered in the open session.

The last time the public session of the parliament was held at the beginning and closed to the public at the request of a number of representatives, it was related to the review of the credentials of Gholamreza Tajgerdoun, elected from Gachsaran Constituency in the 11th parliament elections, which ended with the rejection of Tajgerdoun’s credentials.

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