Netanyahu confirmed the progress in the exchange of prisoners/ instructions to hospitals for a media boycott of all Zionist prisoners – rahnam

According to the Hebrew group of rahnam news agency, various Hebrew media quoted Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as saying that he spoke about progress in the POW agreement.

Netanyahu emphasized in this regard, we hope to announce good news in the near future regarding the exchange of prisoners.

This is despite the fact that hours before this comment, the families of the Zionist prisoners in the Hamas prison were still criticizing the inefficiency of Netanyahu’s cabinet and the members of the war cabinet in managing the issue of their loved ones.

On the other hand, the Kipa Hebrew language site revealed that all the hospitals where the Zionist prisoners are to be transferred from Gaza after their release have been told that these people do not have the right to talk to the media, except for the 87-year-old Zionist woman Ghaele Yokhavid Liushitz, who after the release He thanked and praised the good behavior of Hamas in front of the media cameras, don’t repeat it.

According to the issued instructions, these people will be transferred to Shiba, Ikhliov, Schneider, Bilinson and Soroka hospitals, and they have already prepared special isolation sections for them so that they will not even be allowed to come into contact with other patients in the hospital.

Freed people can only meet their first-class family members and hospital doctors, and the security forces will monitor this process.

After that, all these people are supposed to be evaluated by expert psychologists and the necessary guidance will be given to them.

On the other hand, Channel 12 of the Zionist regime revealed: According to the agreement reached between Israel and Hamas through mediators, it has been decided that 53 prisoners in Gaza, 40 children and 13 women, will be released, and in return for 4 days of calming the situation. On that day, airstrikes will be stopped for 6 hours, and Israel will release 150 Palestinian children and women from their prisons, besides, more humanitarian aid and fuel will be allowed to enter the Gaza Strip.

Israel has agreed to announce a 6-day truce and release 240 Palestinian prisoners from its prisons if the number of freed prisoners reaches 70.

Zionist journalist Amikhai Stein announced on his website that all the prisoners released from Gaza have Israeli citizenship.

At the same time, Amit Segal, another Zionist journalist, revealed that the 150 Palestinian children and women whom Israel is going to release, none of them participated in anti-Zionist operations and are not accused of killing Israelis.

In this regard, Yediot Aharanot newspaper revealed: All the freed Zionist prisoners are supposed to be transferred to Egypt through the Rafah crossing and handed over from there.

Hamas is supposed to hand over the names and details of the Israelis it intends to release to the relevant parties the day before the release.

At this stage, none of the soldiers, men and bodies will be released.

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