Minister of Health: We are ready to send doctors and nurses to Gaza/We are waiting for Egypt’s announcement – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Mashhad, Bahram Ainullahi, on the sidelines of the celebration of the ceremony of honoring the position of nurses and honoring exemplary nurses of the country, said in the crowd of reporters: We thank God that on this dear day and in this holy place with the nursing community, Imam Reza A) We were honored, there are dear ones from all the hospitals of the country and we have a representative from each hospital in this magnificent and bright gathering.

He stated: Today, the nursing community is one of the best nursing communities, and with the spirit, emotion and many values ​​that we have in Islamic culture, they heal patients, and thanks to this good morals, we saw a good growth in the field of nursing.

The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education stated that we have 67 universities and faculties of medical sciences that have the best performance in the field of nursing and annually deliver more than a thousand nurses to the society, and noted that nurses want to study in specialized fields of nursing and according to the training they have received. They stand at the machines and serve the patients.

Ainollahi added: “Nursing patients is not specific to the hospital, and we also have nursing care at home, and we have created conditions for patients to spend their recovery period at home and to be able to use educated and knowledgeable nurses from licensed companies, an issue that burdens the hospital.” It reduces and does not have the problems of the hospital.

Emphasizing that the nursing exam has been held in the country and its results will be announced soon, he said: After the announcement of the results of the nursing exam, we will immediately distribute the nurses accepted in this exam to hospitals in need of nurses across the country.

The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education stated that our doctors and nurses shone very brightly in various crises, including the Corona crisis, and emphasized: In these days when we have brutal attacks by the usurper Israel on Gaza hospitals, we are ready to be in this city to help We are the people affected by the atrocities of the Israelis.

Ainullahi said: We are ready to send doctors and nurses to Gaza, and we have made the necessary arrangements in this regard, and we are only waiting for the announcement of Egypt, which is in charge of managing this department, so that the doctors and nurses volunteer to serve the injured and injured Palestinians to Gaza. to send

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