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According to the rahnam news agency from Kerman, Major General Mohammad Bagheri said this morning in the tactical exercise of the Ground Forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, honoring the memory of the martyrs of the holy defense, martyrs defending the shrine and defending health, and honoring the Basij week, he said: “The precious sapling that the great Imam (RA) they planted in the country, today it has become a strong and powerful tree that has its roots in the hearts of each and every Iranian people and we are witnessing its fruits and branches and its many blessings.


Enemies are fully aware of the authority of Iran’s armed forces

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces further praised the readiness of the IRGC ground forces in this exercise and added: This exercise was a small part of the authority of the armed forces that was displayed. Today, the authority of Iran’s armed forces is well-known and the enemies are fully aware of this authority

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces expressed that “we ask God to bestow his victory on his soldiers and on the front of truth”, and said: “What we saw today in the 38th Zulfiqar Armored Brigade is the valuable presence and complete preparation and unparalleled work of the ground forces units, including the armored ones.” , mechanized, infantry, field hospital, artillery, Rangers and other aspects of the ground forces of the IRGC and the Kerman Province IRGC.

Iran’s armed forces show their reality in the battlefield

He stated that today stable security prevails in the country with the “vigilance, authority and presence of the armed forces in the field”, and added: “Iranian armed forces display their reality in the battlefield; the people of Iran should be confident that the armed forces will provide security.” The country will not be negligent in the slightest, be sure that if the enemies know that if we have failed in fulfilling our duties, they will not be negligent in attacking Iran and pulling the trigger. It is in the country.

Today, Iran’s armed forces are moving at the edge of technology

Major General Bagheri stated that “the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are moving at the cutting edge of technology” and stated: “We have a vital responsibility in the armed forces and we should not waste a second for the safety of the people.” This deterrence is thanks to the latest scientific, tactical achievements and up-to-date equipment at the edge of global technology, which is made by the scientists and youth of this country.

Major General Bagheri continued: The importance of the armed forces in such incidents that happen in the world and in the region is more evident than in the past, and it shows that we as the armed forces, on behalf of the people, have a heavy and vital responsibility in the defense and security of the country, and for a moment we should not to neglect

Enemies in Gaza kill children to the ground and have started a genocide.

Emphasizing that “we, as the armed forces, must make the country safe, calm and secure with planning and vigilance and with training and training and intelligence elites and provide a platform for the country’s progress”, he added: “Today with vigilance, The authority and presence of the armed forces in the field is the stable security in the country.

In another part of his speech, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces reminded that “the enemies are killing children in Gaza today and have started a genocide”, and noted that the killing of innocent people will not be a sign of the victory of the failed Zionists in the unique and surprising operation of October 15. Definitely, with the standing of the people and the authority of the fighters of the resistance front, the victory of the Palestinian nation is near.

Certainly, the victory of the Palestinian nation is near

By stating that whatever this crime develops, it will reveal the reality of the Zionists and the reality of the criminal America that supports them, as well as the hypocritical Europe and other supporters of the usurping and child-killing Israel, and added: “Definitely, the victory of the Palestinian nation is near.” Our enemies have shown their nature and brutality in Palestine and nothing, including their false human rights, will stop their crimes and cruelty.

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