Field report of heavy bombardment of the residential town of “Kafarkala” in southern Lebanon by the Zionist regime – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of the rahnam news agency, the Zionist army put the border town of Kafarkala in the south of Lebanon under the fire of its artillery and air attacks in an unprecedented manner. This is not only unprecedented in more than 40 days of border conflict between Lebanon and Palestine (occupation); Rather, even since the 33-day war (17 years ago), Lebanon has experienced such a situation.


rahnam’s field reporter, being present in this settlement, shows the heavy bombardment of this residential area. There are no Lebanese soldiers present in this border town. Only journalists and some southern citizens are present; But the Zionist regime has put it under heavy fire.

In the past days, this settlement and other border residential areas were targeted by the Zionists two or three times a day. But this time, the entire city of Kafr came under heavy fire from the artillery and bombers of the Zionist regime for more than two hours. This bombardment is so intense that rahnam’s reporter sometimes has to take shelter in safe places!

“Kafarkla” town is a part of “Marjayoun” city in “Nabatieh” province of Lebanon, which is located 96 kilometers south of Beirut. This border village is located at a height of about 200 meters from the sea level, and its distance to the border wall of the occupied territories reaches less than 100 meters in some cases. The soil of this area is very favorable for agriculture and its residents are engaged in agriculture and gardening, away from military tensions.

The policy of bombing residential areas, which has always been on the agenda of the leaders of this regime since the establishment of this regime, is aimed at the forced migration of people, but despite the heavy bombings, the people of southern Lebanon are still in their homes.

Although the attacks of the Islamic resistance often target the military bases and enemy soldiers, the Zionist regime in an obvious crime attacks the homes of the people of southern Lebanon.

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