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According to the report of rahnam news agency, President Seyed Ebrahim Raeesi today evening (November 30) at the BRICS virtual summit regarding the Gaza crisis, considered what is happening in Gaza these days as a clear sign of the injustice of the Western international system and emphasized that the criminal Zionist regime that Armed with all kinds of chemical weapons, mass killings and atomic bombs, it is a threat to regional and international peace and security. use their political and economic power to put pressure on the Zionist regime and its western supporters.

The full text of the President’s speech at the BRICS virtual summit is as follows:

The name of God the Merciful

Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds, and may God bless him and grant him peace

Dear Mr. President;

Dear BRICS members;

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the honorable President of the Republic of South Africa who took the trouble to organize this virtual meeting and establish communication between the countries;

Today, we have gathered while the world is witnessing live the unprecedented violence and crime against the Palestinian nation in Gaza. What is happening in Gaza these days clearly shows the injustice of the Western international system. The issue of Gaza is the issue of humanity and justice. The Zionist regime and its supporters have not only violated humanity, ethics and rights, but they are also trying to deceive the public opinion of the world by suppressing valid information and spreading invalid information.

Emphasizing on October 7 as the beginning of the war is a distortion of the reality and the narrative of the issue. Apart from the 75-year history of occupation and terror and aggression, there were also numerous conflicts in the West Bank in the last one year. In this one year, Palestinian resistance has given about 200 martyrs. Did anyone have a missile there? The goal of the regime was to clear the Bank and transfer its population to Jordan and Egypt and occupy it. In fact, Hamas operated in defense of Quds Sharif and the West Bank and the desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque and against the expansion of settlements and expansionism of the Zionists.

Let’s not forget that the root of war lies in the continuation of employment. Contrary to Israel’s propaganda distortion, legitimate defense is not their barbaric action, but legitimate defense according to international conventions of defense against occupation.

As an occupying regime, the Zionist regime, with the green light and full support of America, has declared war against the people under occupation and has set a record in registering war crimes. The political and military leaders of this regime openly talk about the genocide of Palestinians.

The president of the fake Israeli regime has announced that “there are no innocent civilians in Gaza”; The prime minister of the regime says “even children are legitimate military targets”; The spokesman of the regime’s army says “the goal of the attacks is maximum destruction, not precision in the attacks”; The Minister of Defense calls the people’s regime as “anthropomorphic animals”; And the minister of cultural heritage of that fake regime says “a nuclear attack on Gaza is the right option to destroy the people there.”

Such a regime, which is armed with all kinds of chemical weapons of mass destruction and atomic bombs, is definitely a threat to regional and international peace and security.

Dear heads of state

Worst of all is the all-out support of America and the West for the genocide and infanticide of Palestinians, and so far more than 14,000 people of Gaza, including about 5,500 oppressed children, have been killed and 41,000 residential units have been destroyed. 60% of Nawaz area of ​​Gaza has been seriously damaged. How cruel is it that America, England, Germany and France, as Western powers, send all kinds of weapons and bombs to Israel on a daily basis and at the same time oppose the ceasefire. America, along with Israel, has closed all ways to help the people of Gaza and paralyzed the UN Security Council.

Today, the West has been disgraced and the falsity of Western values ​​and slogans has been revealed. Gaza is a symbol of the moral decline of the West.

At the same time, Gaza is a great test of the will of independent states to establish an international system based on humanity and justice. Today is the day for global powers to stand up for the values ​​that united us. Today is the day for BRICS to play a role.

Dear heads of state!

Undoubtedly, the fuel of the war machine and the all-round support of this tyranny is provided by America. America has made all international organizations impersonal and anonymous. The Islamic Republic of Iran calls on all the members of BRICS and all the independent governments of the world to stand up to preserve humanity and establish justice and fight against racial discrimination in the world and use all their political and economic power to put pressure on the Zionist regime and its Western supporters.

Honorable heads of BRICS member states

America and the western countries that oppose the ceasefire in Gaza no longer have credibility with the people of the world. Today, the BRICS member states have a historical responsibility to prove that human values ​​cannot be sacrificed for political interests. Based on this, I would like to emphasize these suggestions to stop the crime and help the people of Gaza.

1- Considering the inability of the UN Security Council to implement its mission to establish peace and security; and obstructing the US to issue a binding resolution for a ceasefire; It is necessary for the BRICS member countries to adopt a binding resolution in the UN General Assembly against the Zionist regime in the framework of the “Union for Peace” mechanism, with the aim of stopping the crimes against the people of Gaza.

2- The continuous attacks of the Zionist regime on hospitals and medical centers, religious places, the killing of women and children, doctors, nurses and journalists in Gaza are all acts of terrorism. It is necessary to identify that fake regime as a terrorist regime and its army as a terrorist organization.

3- The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the actions of some governments to bring the crimes committed by the usurping Israel in Gaza to the International Criminal Court and believes that, in addition to Israel, the United States should also be tried in international courts for crimes against humanity, genocide, and infanticide and punished quickly. .

4- The need for collective action by BRICS members to break the blockade of Gaza and create a permanent and safe route for sending humanitarian aid to Gaza. In this regard, the permanent reopening of the Rafah crossing is seriously emphasized.

5- Due to the unprecedented crimes and bombings of several thousand tons of weapons, especially prohibited weapons such as white phosphorus in Gaza, it is necessary for BRICS members to establish a special international mission to immediately investigate this crime and publish its report in order to punish the perpetrators and The stewards of this regime should be provided.

6- Considering the continuous crimes and the racist nature of the fake Israeli regime, the free nations expect all governments, especially the BRICS members, to put the complete severance of their political, economic and military relations with the Zionist regime on the agenda immediately. Continuing interactions with the fake Israeli regime, especially in the military and economic fields, means helping to continue the crimes and killing of women and children, which is condemned and blamed by all nations.

7- Recognizing the right of the Palestinian people to defend themselves and their struggle to liberate employment areas is supported by all governments and free nations. BRICS’ firm support for this right shows that we fulfilled our human and moral duty and the enemies of Palestine will be disgraced in front of human conscience and history.

The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the final solution that will lead to lasting peace and stability in West Asia and the world is the formation of a single Palestinian state after holding a referendum based on the democratic principle of “one vote for each Palestinian”. Being on the path of previous failed plans for peace will only result in the repetition of war and insecurity.

America and the Zionist regime must also know that they cannot stand against the will of the nations and that occupation and genocide will have no place in the new international just order.

At the end, I once again thank the honorable President of the Republic of South Africa for holding this meeting and I hope that this meeting will have a serious effect on the immediate cessation of attacks on the oppressed and powerful Gaza and the arrival of humanitarian aid and the complete lifting of the blockade and the fight against forced migration and the start of the reconstruction process in this be the region

According to rahnam’s report, our country’s membership in the BRICS group took place on September 2 this year during the president’s visit to South Africa.

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