25% of Iran’s population are renters / Bazarpash emphasized on reducing the share of rent in the household portfolio – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Mehrdad Bazarpash emphasized the importance of implementing the national housing movement plan to solve the concerns of people without housing, and stated: In the issue of housing and the implementation of the national housing movement plan, construction technology, building materials, specialized labor and skilled labor. All of them exist in the country.

Stating that a quarter of the country’s population are renters, he added: According to the statistics of the Central Bank, the point-to-point inflation rate decreased by 1.5% in November, and the growth of housing transactions increased by 3-4%. These are a good promise in the housing sector. However, the share of rent in the household portfolio is still high, so we must try to reduce this share in the household portfolio by producing and supplying housing.

He reminded: The effect of housing production in increasing the GDP is high, and therefore, with a set of solutions, we must try to fulfill the government’s commitment by producing and supplying housing while helping to provide housing for the people.

He stated: With the support of the government, the facility amount was increased from 350 million tomans to 550 million tomans and the repayment interest was also reduced from 23 to 18 percent.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development addressed to the General Managers of Roads and Urban Development emphasized on the role of governors and governors in the National Housing Movement Plan and said: “With field visits and strengthening the role of governors and governors, the implementation of the National Housing Movement Plan will speed up, which should be done diligently.” be more

Bazarpash continued: The issue of worn-out fabric and construction and renovation in these fabrics is very important and emphasized considering that it has all the infrastructure. Therefore, due to the fact that the government’s resources are limited, it is expected that the renovation of worn-out structures and the construction of housing in these structures will be a priority. In renovating the worn-out structure, the mayors should come to work and strengthen this sector.

Stating that good work has been done in the field of land supply, he said: The National Land and Housing Organization and the Supreme Council of Urban Planning and Architecture are making special efforts to provide land for the National Housing Movement, and other housing elements of the ministry are also focused on implementation.

He called the provision of more than 50,000 hectares of land for the National Housing Movement project an important task and added: the completion of the remaining Mehr housing units should be pursued with priority. The creation and construction of 27 Sakhli cities in the southern part of the country is a progressive project in which part of the planning for locating, settling the population and industries has been done.

He also announced the launch of the Chabahar railway line next year and said that appropriate measures are being taken regarding sea-oriented development policies.

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