Will the law to change the employment status of veterans continue in the 7th plan? – rahnam

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, the rulings of the martyrs of the sixth development plan were implemented in the seventh development plan of the country with the vote of the representatives of the Islamic Council.

During the review of the articles of the 7th development plan of the country, with 186 votes in favor, except for 8 paragraph c, article 31 of the bill of the 7th development plan, the provisions of articles 86 to 91 of the 6th development plan on the subject of self-sacrifice laws were implemented and approved for implementation in the 7th development plan.

Other components of paragraph C of Article 31, including 9 components, 3 of which had financial burdens, were sent back to the Program Consolidation Commission in order to resolve the ambiguity and problem, to be put to a vote again in the open court after removing the objections.

With this description, one of the most frequent questions of the target community is whether the transformation of the martyrs’ status will continue in the 7th development plan. It should be said: according to the resolution of the Islamic Council to reject the provisions of the Sixth Development Plan in the Seventh Plan (Except 8, Clause C, Article 31 of the Seventh Plan) and if this resolution is approved by the Guardian Council, the status of martyrs will be changed (Clause D, Article 87 of the Law of the Sixth Plan) Development) In the seventh development plan, until the government’s bill to amend and consolidate the law of martyrs, etc. is presented to the parliament and becomes a law, the situation will continue to change.

It should be mentioned that the law on changing the employment status of veterans was implemented after 10 years from 1400, but it was stopped again in 1401 by the vote of parliament members, which also caused the grievances of the target community.

Also, the short-term implementation of this law was carried out in a situation where most of the institutions refused to implement it. Until a few days ago, the head of the Martyrs and Veterans Foundation announced the introduction of these devices to the regulatory bodies.

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