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According to the rahnam news agency from Ilam, Majid Biglerian said this morning, Monday, that according to the notification of the province’s crisis and education management headquarters and due to the heavy rainfall, all schools and universities throughout the province will be held in absentia and on a happy basis.

He added: Due to heavy rainfall and flooding, all schools and universities in Ilam province were closed in the afternoon shift.

Director General of Crisis Prevention of Ilam Governorate said: Heavy rain with showers and thunderstorms has covered all areas of the province since last night.

According to rahnam, it has started raining since last night, and the provincial meteorologist has issued an orange warning for all regions of the province and a red warning for the southern and southern regions.


The morning flights of Ilam airport have been canceled

In an interview with rahnam news agency in Ilam, Vahid Forughizadeh announced the cancellation of morning flights at Ilam airport due to low horizontal visibility and stated that the afternoon flights of this airport will probably be canceled if this situation continues.

The director of Ilam Shahadai Airport emphasized: Passengers must call the flight information number 199 or direct phone number 0843236800 before leaving for Ilam Shahadai Airport.


Release of water from Doiraj Dam in Dehlran

Latif Sadeghi, on Sunday evening, at the meeting of the crisis headquarters of Dehlran city, stated: According to the red level warning number 2 of the General Meteorological Department of Ilam province, regarding the strengthening of the rainfall system in the southern half of the province, especially the southeast, from early tomorrow, Monday to late Tuesday of this week. The members of the crisis headquarters and the service providers must be fully prepared and provide the necessary services by using all the capacities and facilities.

He considered the possibility of damages caused by this warning level to be certain and added: In the orange level, the amount of rain is between 30 and 70 mm, while in the red level, more than 100 mm of rain is predicted.

The special governor of Dehlran mentioned the majority of rains and the direction of the red level warning in the south-east and east of the city and said: It is highly recommended that nomads avoid living in the area of ​​rivers and floods.

Sadeghi stressed the need to inform the people, farmers, herdsmen and nomads about the rains and reminded: mayors should take the necessary measures regarding the dredging of canals and road management, regarding the preparation of road crews and deployment in the required places, and the prefects, mayors and The villagers should also put the necessary measures on the agenda.

Referring to the flooding of roads, the flooding of canals and rivers, the risk of lightning strikes, road collapse and the possibility of destruction of roads and bridges, the breaking of light structures and tree leaves, he said: the strengthening of the structures of light structures, the refusal of nomads to settle in the sanctuary of canals and Dry rivers, refraining from climbing to heights, settling livestock in covered and safe places, and turning off all ventilation systems during showers and thunderstorms in aquatic breeding ponds are among the most important recommendations to the city crisis headquarters.

The governor of Dehlran also asked the active companies of the region to provide their equipment and facilities to the emergency headquarters of the city if needed.

He emphasized: For safety and to ensure the increase in the flood volume, the release of water behind the Dourij dam, which originates from the heights of Abdanan, at the rate of 10 cubic meters per second, has started a few hours ago until further notice.


The electricity was cut off in the city of Chavar
The electricity in Chavar city was cut off due to heavy rains in this city, and the employees of the electricity department of this city are trying to fix this outage.

Drivers should avoid unnecessary traffic on the roads of the province

The General Administration of Roads and Road Transport of Ilam Province requested all the other provinces to refrain from unnecessary traffic on the roads of Jada province due to the heavy rains on the roads of the province.

It is recommended that drivers be aware of the latest state of the province’s roads through Goya 141 system before any traffic and take necessary precautions while driving.

It is recommended that due to the slippery roads from unnecessary traffic, especially in the rural areas of Kandaf, all road forces of Ilam are on standby.

Also, the water and sewerage company of Ilam province announced in a notice that due to the issuance of a red level warning of Ilam weather and the occurrence of floods from early today to Tuesday, November 30, and the possibility of damage to the facilities and the increase in the turbidity of water supply sources and the possibility of water interruption, to the citizens. It is recommended to store and manage water consumption.


Mohammad Soltani, Public Relations Officer of Ilam Municipality, said: The traffic route of Payam Noor intersection towards Azad University of Ilam and Abolfazl Boulevard is blocked.

He added: The road of Payam Noor intersection in Ilam city towards Azad University and State University was under repair.

Relief to the citizens of Ilami caught in the flooding of roads by Red Crescent forces

Sajjad Heydarian stated: Following heavy rains this morning in Ilam province and people and cars were trapped, they were released by Red Crescent forces.

The deputy of Ilam Red Crescent Relief and Rescue said: “The torrential rains started this morning despite the weather warnings of the last few days.”

Referring to the flooding of many highways in the province and some cars and people getting stuck in it, he said: Red Crescent forces and fire trucks freed them.

The deputy of Red Crescent Relief and Rescue of Ilam Province stated that the rains will continue until tonight, and noted that: fellow citizens of Ilam pay attention to safety points and we ask these dear ones to refrain from wandering in the boundaries of rivers and canals, climbing to heights, and moving nomads. To clean the opening of bridges, dredging canals and aqueducts and consolidating all kinds of light structures to prevent any possible damage.

The people of Ilam should report the damages caused by the flood to the governors

Majid Biglerian, Director General of Ilam Governorate’s Crisis Prevention Headquarters, stated: People who have been damaged by the rains of an active system in this province, should refer to the governorate or district administration of their place of residence to check the amount of damage caused to their houses and other buildings.

Director General of Crisis Prevention Headquarters of Ilam Governorate stating that after receiving the damage notification forms, the experts of this area will be sent to check the amount of damage caused to the target place and their damage and losses will be checked and recorded.

By stressing that the teams of the crisis headquarters of the province are ready in all parts of the province, Biglerian pointed out: these teams are on guard and visiting different areas.

He went on to point out that in the capital of the province, minor damage or flooding of passages and road blockages occurred in some areas, adding: these floodings were resolved with the presence of service teams as soon as possible for the convenience of vehicle traffic.

According to rahnam, the rains have covered various areas of Ilam province since last night and made the activities of all schools and universities non-attendance in two shifts, morning and evening, and also caused the cancellation of morning flights at the Martyrs of Ilam airport.

The weather forecast of the province has issued an orange warning for all regions of the province and a red warning for the southern and southern regions.

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