The dangerous message of weaponization to the private sector; Either I will remain the president, or the Chamber of Commerce will confront the government – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam news agency, Hossein Selahvarzi, the ousted head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, who had usurped the position of the head of the parliament of the private sector for 5 months and should be held accountable in this regard in the judicial authorities, announced yesterday in a sharp speech that the permission to elect the president is desirable. The government will not pay for the Chamber of Commerce.

The elections of Iran Chamber of Commerce on June 28 were held with serious margins, with the presence of Hossein Selahvarzi for the position of president of the Iran Chamber.

In the meeting at the beginning of November, the Supreme Supervisory Council, according to the powers of the Iran Chamber of Commerce Law approved in 1369, with the approval of the majority of the members, voted to cancel the votes of Hossein Selahvarzi, this resolution was actually communicated to the Chamber of Commerce and the Election Monitoring Association on November 13th. The process of holding re-elections to determine the head of the chamber has been started and it has been determined that Hossein Selahvarzi has been illegally present in this position in recent months.

Now, after the finalization of the decision of the Supreme Council of Supervision, we are witnessing structurally destructive comments by weapons and mafia gangs active in the Chamber of Commerce.
In simpler words, the message of yesterday’s speech of Armavarazi to the government and the private sector was that “I will either remain the head of the Chamber of Commerce or the chamber will become the home of opponents of the government and the government”.

After the 5-month indecision of the Chamber of Commerce and the lack of presence and invitation of the representatives of the private sector in the higher councils in various economic and social fields, the real representatives of the private sector should do their duty with the mafia that has infiltrated the fabric of the chamber. turn on

It is interesting to note that in the past few days, the destructive statements and threats to the sovereignty have not been limited to one specific person and this issue has been raised by other people as well. We are that their goal is not to protect the votes of the private sector, but to fight and bully the government and the sovereign. Obviously, the result of this situation is the continued uncertainty of the real private sector, which seems to be held hostage by a minority group that has dominated the private sector parliament for the past decade.

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