The activities of today’s schools and universities in Bushehr province became virtual – rahnam

Kuresh Dehghan in an interview with rahnam Dar Bushehr Referring to the penetration of the rain system in Bushehr province and its continued activity today and tomorrow, he said: With the issuance of an orange warning in the province and the weather forecast, the increase in wind speed, the occurrence of rain, thunder, and strong wind has become momentary and today until the end of the week. , the Persian Gulf will be rough and turbulent at times.

He estimated the wind speed to be up to 60 kilometers per hour and stated: The sea wave height of the Persian Gulf on the shores of Bushehr province has increased up to 3 meters, and it is necessary to avoid the movement of vessels in the Persian Gulf, especially recreational and fishing boats.

The General Director of Bushehr Crisis pointed out that rain is predicted in different parts of the province and added: Due to rain, thunder and the possibility of flooded roads, all schools and universities of Bushehr province will be held in absentia today, Monday, November 29.

Referring to the state of rain until 6:30 in the morning, Dehghan noted that until this moment, the highest amount of rain has been recorded in Dashti at the rate of 4.4 mm.

Referring to the total rainfall statistics based on the precipitation system of meteorological stations of Bushehr province, he said: The amount of rainfall in Ganaveh is 2.3 mm and the rest of Bushehr province is less than 1.2 mm.

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