The 45th day of “Aqsa storm”. Relentless attacks by non-believers on Gaza/Continuation of solidarity with Palestinians/Hamas’ reaction to the ceasefire – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, despite the claim of some Arab and Hebrew media that a ceasefire has been reached in the Gaza Strip on the 45th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, it is said that this ceasefire will start at 11:00 a.m. this Monday local time. The Hamas movement rejected this news and the Israeli army targeted parts of the city of Khan Yunis in the south and north of Gaza City (in the north) with their mortar and artillery attacks.

👈 Follow the most important developments of the morning of the 45th day of Al-Aqsa storm operation below:

Conflicting news about the ceasefire in Gaza

Unofficial sources and some media of the Israeli regime, such as Yediot Aharnot newspaper, report the possibility of establishing a temporary humanitarian truce between the Zionist regime and Hamas starting at 11 am local time tomorrow.

Qatar’s official news agency (Qena) quoted the spokesman of the country’s foreign ministry as saying that the country’s foreign minister will visit Russia and England on Tuesday this week in order to reach a quick ceasefire in Gaza.

According to the spokesperson of Wakh Qatar, this trip will be on behalf of Arab League member countries and Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries.

At the same time as this news, Zaher al-Jabarin, the person responsible for the case of prisoners in the Hamas movement, said that there is no agreement on a ceasefire in Gaza; Because the Israeli enemy is wasting time in the matter of exchanging prisoners.

On the other hand, the representative of Palestine in the European Union told Al Jazeera in Qatar that the Europeans do not want to talk about a ceasefire. Because they are completely unable to communicate.

A Zionist soldier was killed on the beach of Ashdod

Security sources of the Zionist regime report that a female Zionist soldier was killed on the beach of Ashdod in the occupied territories.

The cause of this incident has not yet been determined.

Anti-Zionist demonstrations in the city of Tangier, Maghreb

Hundreds of Moroccans protested in Tangier in support of the Palestinian people and the condemnation of the Israeli regime’s war against Gaza.

Hamas’s reaction to the operation of the Yemeni army against the Israeli ship

🔹Zaher al-Jabarin, a member of the political office of Hamas movement, in response to the seizure of an Israeli ship by the Yemeni army, said that this heroic operation in Yemen is an important step towards the expulsion of the Israeli regime from the occupied Palestinian territories.

Osama Hamdan, one of the leaders of Hamas, also congratulated the Yemeni army and people for this operation and considered it an important step to put pressure on the occupation regime of Jerusalem.

Heavy bombardment west of Khanyous city

The Palestinian media are now reporting heavy bombing of the western part of the city of Khan Yunis, located in the south of the Gaza Strip. The fighters of the Israeli regime are continuously flying over this city and bombarding the western and southwestern parts of this city.

The Israeli regime army in the north of Gaza has also targeted Al-Sheikh Zayed area with its heavy artillery attacks.

🔹 No news has been published yet about the number of casualties and martyrs of these attacks.

Transferring 70 martyrs and 52 wounded to “Nasser” hospital in Gaza in one day

Médecins Sans Frontières announced that Nasser Hospital located in Khan Yunis city (South of Gaza) received 70 martyrs and 52 wounded only last day (Sunday), all of whom were martyred or wounded due to massive attacks around this hospital.

This international organization also announced that the medical team performs 10 skin surgeries daily (due to burns) and hundreds of people are waiting for surgery and the capacity of the hospital and doctors are able to respond and provide services to all the injured and There are no injured.

American media: Biden and Netanyahu had tense conversations

The American Wall Street Journal wrote that the talks between the president of this country and the prime minister of the Israeli regime have witnessed more tension due to Netanyahu’s continued insistence on opposing the long periods of ceasefire in Gaza.

The American media recently revealed that despite the insistence of the United States for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza due to the pressure of public opinion and the countries of the world, Benjamin Netanyahu personally is not ready for a ceasefire in Gaza.

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