The 12-year increase in the retirement age was denied – rahnam

According to the parliamentary group of rahnam news agency, a few minutes ago, the same text is suddenly being published in a large number of news channels, which contains false text and false claims about the resolution of the parliament for the retirement age.

In this coordinated and suspicious text, it is claimed that the retirement age in Iran has increased by 12 years, while this claim is untrue and based on the resolution of the parliament, firstly, the increase in the years of service is staggered and most people are added to their years of service by a few months. Secondly, people who have just started working will have a maximum of 5 years added to their years of service.

According to the resolution of the Parliament, which was explained yesterday by the spokesperson of the Integration Commission and the Speaker of the Islamic Council, the maximum years of service is 35 years or 62 years of age for men and 30 years of service or 55 years of age for women.

Considering the media operation that may be designed against this resolution regarding the retirement age, we request the various media and the general public to follow reliable news about this through the public relations of the Islamic Council.

Yesterday, the parliament passed a resolution on raising the retirement age, which caused reactions in cyberspace.

* Retirement age increases

In yesterday’s meeting, the members of the parliament approved the additional clause of Article 29 of the bill, according to this resolution, in order to reduce the disparity of pension funds and strengthen the ability of the funds to perform their assigned tasks:

1. Insurance payers who have 28 to 30 years of service experience will not be added to their years of employment for retirement.
2. Insurance payers who have 25 to 28 years of service experience will be added two months to their years of employment for each year until retirement.
3. Insurance payers who have 20 to 25 years of service experience will be added three months to their years of service for every year until retirement.
4. Insurance payers who according to the rules have 10 to 20 years of service experience will be added four months to their years of employment for each year until retirement.
5. According to the law, insurance payers who have up to 10 years of service experience will be added five months to their years of employment for each year until retirement.

Note-1 The implementation of all or part of the above-mentioned rulings is conditional on the fact that the age of the insured at the time of retirement does not exceed 62 years for men and 55 years for women.
Note-2 The above amendments in the laws of pension funds are applied permanently, except for those funds whose minimum retirement age of the insured is higher than the figures mentioned in Note (1).
Note-3 The martyrs and those subject to harsh and harmful laws are subject to their own laws.
Note-4 The subjects of this ruling, with their consent and the approval of the relevant institutions, can continue to serve without the need for the times mentioned in paragraphs (2) to (5) up to the age limit of the subject of Note (1), as the case may be. Surplus service is possible based on relevant laws and regulations.
Note-5 If the institutions do not need the services of some employees, they can issue their retirement orders based on the relevant laws, regardless of the mentioned times, with the proposal of the highest authority of the institution and the approval of the first vice president.
Note 6- People who wish to retire earlier than the aforementioned date by their request, their retirement is unimpeded according to the relevant laws and without complying with paragraphs (1) to (5), and their pension rights will be established according to the provisions of this document.

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