Raisi’s important letter to the heads of 50 countries about the political-economic pressure on the Zionist regime – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency, President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi in a letter to the heads of 50 countries of the world, while referring to the brutal actions of the Zionist regime in martyring more than 14 thousand people and destroying infrastructure in the Gaza Strip over the past 40 days, and Also, the approach of some western governments in applying double standards and deliberately ignoring the principles of humanity, ethics and rights, emphasized: the expectation from freedom-loving and independent countries, especially Islamic countries, is that in the diplomatic and economic fields, with a coherent and unified approach, while pressing On this occupying regime, lay the groundwork for stopping the crimes of this regime in killing civilians and ending the siege of Gaza.

In this letter to his counterparts, the president, emphasizing that “today is the day of the divine and human test of all governments”, asked the countries to play a role by using all available tools for pressure, including stopping commercial and political cooperation and communication with the Zionist regime. play a more prominent role in stopping these crimes.

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