Numbered breaths of Palestinian premature babies in al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, Gaza / exclusive report – rahnam

According to the Arabic website of rahnam news agency, at the same time as International Children’s Day is approaching, the lives of dozens of premature babies hospitalized in the Neonatal Department of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the Gaza Strip are in serious danger.


Dr. Wissam Shaltut, the head of the premature babies department of Al-Aqsa Hospital, told the reporter of rahnam in Gaza about the latest situation of the babies hospitalized in this department:

Before the start of the recent war, we served 300,000 Palestinians daily, but now, due to the transfer of people from the northern areas to the central areas of Gaza, we have to provide services to nearly 800,000 to one million Palestinians.

He further added: If the electricity is cut off, many premature children under one month in this department will die quickly.

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Referring to the process of transferring newborns from Shafa Hospital to this medical center, the head of the premature babies department added: “We only have the possibility of accepting 16 premature babies in this department, but currently the babies admitted to Shefa Hospital are also being transferred to this department.” Of course, we do not have the possibility to store them in these special compartments.

Explaining the challenges facing the newborn department of this hospital, Dr. Shaltut said: Currently, in addition to the special milk needed by these children, we are facing problems in providing many vital drugs such as Survanta. This medicine is very necessary to complete the lungs of babies and improve the breathing of babies less than 30 weeks, and if they are not provided, these children will die soon.

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