Iran became the 13th wheat producer in the world with the production of 14 million tons – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, the US Department of Agriculture announced in a report on the state of world grain production that Iran has produced over 14 million tons of wheat in the 2023 crop year. This year, Iran’s wheat production has increased by 800,000 tons, equivalent to 6% compared to the previous year. Iran had produced 13.2 million tons of wheat in the previous year.

The growth of Iran’s wheat production during 2023 is while the world’s total wheat production this year has decreased by about 7 million tons and has reached 782 million tons.

According to this report, Iran, which is the 18th most populous country in the world, ranks 13th among the major wheat producing countries and has produced more wheat than more populous countries such as Brazil and Egypt.

China will be the largest producer of wheat in the world in 2023 and has produced more than 137 million tons of wheat this year, although this figure has decreased by about 700 thousand tons compared to the previous year.

The European Union with the production of 134 million tons and India with 110 million tons are ranked second and third respectively.

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, there were concerns about a sharp decrease in wheat production in Russia and Ukraine as the two largest producers and the emergence of a global food crisis, but statistics show that these concerns were unfounded. Russia’s wheat production in 2023 will reach 90 million tons, which is only 2 million tons less than last year and even 5 million tons more than when the war started in 2020.

Ukraine’s wheat production in 2023 will be 22.5 million tons, which is a decrease of only 1 million tons compared to the previous year and about 3 million tons less than before the war.

According to this report, Russia has been able to maintain its position as the fourth largest producer of wheat in the world during 2023. The United States, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, Ukraine, Turkey, Argentina, and the United Kingdom are ranked 5th to 12th, respectively.

England has produced only 300,000 tons of wheat more than Iran this year. America’s wheat production has been about 3 times that of Iran. America produced 49 million tons of wheat this year.

Kazakhstan with 12 million tons of production is one step lower than Iran and ranked 14th, and Brazil with 9.4 million tons of production has occupied the 15th place. The amount of Egyptian wheat production is reported to be 8.8 million tons.

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