Heavy rains in the west of Iran/rain with the color and smell of floods/images of flooded streets + video – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency’s provincial group, following the red level warning of the Meteorological Organization, heavy rain and torrential rain and strong wind in the provinces of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, North Bushehr, North and Eastern half of Khuzestan, North West Fars, South Ilam, South Lorestan. And the range and heights are predicted in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

According to the weather warning, compatriots are requested to pay attention to the weather warnings and get information about the condition of the roads before traveling. Warning of heavy rain and torrential rain, strong wind and snowfall in the highlands on Monday, in the provinces of West Azarbaijan, the southern half of East Azarbaijan, Kurdistan, Zanjan, Qazvin, Kermanshah, Ilam, Lorestan, Khuzestan, Hamedan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Bushehr. , Fars, Central, West and South of Isfahan, elevations in Alborz and Tehran provinces and on Tuesday, in Golestan, North Khorasan, eastern half of Mazandaran provinces, elevations and range in Lorestan, northern Khuzestan and elevations of Tehran and Alborz provinces. .


Heavy rains in Ilam

In addition to flooding the streets of Ilam city and other parts of the province, this morning’s torrential rains disrupted the traffic of cars, closed schools and canceled flights in this province.

Majid Biglerian, Director General of Crisis Prevention of Ilam Governorate, said: Heavy rain with showers and thunderstorms has covered all areas of the province since last night. It has started raining since last night, and the provincial meteorologist has issued an orange warning for all regions of the province and a red warning for the southern and southern regions. According to the red level warning number 2 of the General Directorate of Meteorology of Ilam Province regarding the strengthening of the rainfall system in the southern half of the province, especially the southeast, from early tomorrow, Monday to the end of Tuesday of this week, members of the crisis headquarters and service organizations should be fully prepared and using Provide the necessary services from all capacities and facilities if needed.


The special governor of Dehlran also mentioned the majority of rains and the dominant direction of the red level warning in the south-east and east of the city and said: It is highly recommended that the nomads avoid living in the area of ​​rivers and floods.

Sadeghi stressed the need to inform the people, farmers, herdsmen and nomads about the rains and reminded: mayors should take the necessary measures regarding the dredging of canals and road management, regarding the preparation of road crews and deployment in the required places, and the prefects, mayors and The villagers should also put the necessary measures on the agenda.

Referring to the flooding of roads, the flooding of canals and rivers, the risk of lightning strikes, road collapse and the possibility of destruction of roads and bridges, the breaking of light structures and tree leaves, he said: the strengthening of the structures of light structures, the refusal of nomads to settle in the sanctuary of canals and Dry rivers, refraining from climbing to heights, settling livestock in covered and safe places, and turning off all ventilation systems during showers and thunderstorms in aquatic breeding ponds are among the most important recommendations to the city crisis headquarters.


The beginning of torrential rains in Lorestan

In an interview with rahnam reporter in Khorramabad, Morteza Shirvani, Director General of Lorestan Road Traffic and Road Transport, referring to the alertness of road users following the issuance of a red weather warning, stated: 400 road forces using 360 light, semi-heavy and heavy machines are stationed in the axes of Lorestan. .

Hassan Mahdavi, the mayor of Poldakhtar, in an interview with rahnam reporter in Poldakhtar, informed about the flooding in some areas of the city and stated: areas in Poldakhtar such as Maskan Mehr, Tang Ali, Dardia and petrol pump are flooded due to heavy rains and it is possible to travel in Some of these areas do not exist.

He stated that it is not possible for light vehicles to travel in Sarab Jahangir and Dardia gas stations, and added: Fire crews are draining water in Mehr and Tang Ali housing areas.

Heavy flooding of Ahvaz streets after rain


According to rahnam news agency from Ahvaz, Ahvaz city and some cities of Khuzestan witnessed the rain of God’s mercy in the past days and breathed a fresh breath under these autumn rains. Autumn with all its beauty and softness continues and the rain clouds are still on the way. This means freshness, it means the escape of polluted and polluted air, and most importantly, it means blessing for agricultural lands and happiness for the hearts of farmers waiting for rain.

All this, but one side of the coin is rain in the green plain of Khuzestan, the other side is chaos; It is the accumulation of water in the streets and passages and overflowing into the yard and bedroom and rest of the people; People who have not yet tasted the sweet taste of this blessed blessing every year in the season of autumn and winter rains, have to worry about the gushing of water and sewage from every area and suffer from traffic and living in wet days. just like now; Like these days that passed with rain and the streets of Ahvaz turned into rivers.


Heavy rain in Gilangharb and Oramanat axes

In an interview with rahnam reporter in Kermanshah, Fariborz Kerami, director general of highways and road transport in Kermanshah, stated that the intensity of rainfall is more in Gilangreb and Oramanat axes, and the road forces are present in all transportation axes.

He stated that the intensity of the rains in the Gilangreb axis started last night and said: These rains caused the stone to fall in the area of ​​Sarchele Gilangreb village, which was carried out with the presence of road forces, and now the axis is open.

Referring to the temporary blockage of Cham Surak village bridge in Gilangreb, Karmi said: Cham Surak village bridge with two 10 meter spans was destroyed in April this year due to rain and the contractor was building it and a temporary bridge was also built but due to night rains. In the past, this bridge has been flooded and is temporarily unavailable for traffic.




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