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Defense group of rahnam news agency, Yesterday morning, during the Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s visit to the exhibition of IRGC Aerospace Force’s achievements, the “Fattah 2” hypersonic missile was unveiled. The said exhibition, which was held nearly 10 years after the unique exhibition of this force in May 2013, had several new achievements in the field of missiles, drones and air defense.

In this report, we discuss the characteristics of the new member of the IRGC missile family among Israeli-made weapons.

* Hypersonic in the hands of Islamic warriors

A few months ago, the “Fattah” hypersonic missile was unveiled with the presence of the president. This missile, which was developed on the basis of surface-to-surface missiles of the Khyber-Shaken generation, actually has another complete missile in the warhead, which forms a two-stage missile with a range of 1400 km, but due to having a spherical solid fuel engine with the ability Thrust vector control of the moving output type (nozzle) had the capability of maneuvering and changing the instantaneous and frequent routes inside and outside the atmosphere while maintaining the speed in the upper range of Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound or the limit of hypersonic speed). Due to its high speed and maneuverability, Fattah has the ability to overcome the enemy’s missile air defense systems both outside and inside the atmosphere, which we have already discussed in reports.

However, “Fattah 2” uses a different design, unlike the first type of Fattah, whose second stage was designed in a conical shape and similar to ballistic projectiles. In Fattah 2, the second stage, it has a shape similar to hypersonic cruises, which, of course, gives it some gliding capabilities.

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Fattah 2 missile with a different design than Fattah

Unlike Fattah, which used a spherical solid fuel engine, Fattah 2 uses a liquid fuel rocket propellant with hydrazine fuel. It seems that this liquid fuel engine is a new design specially developed for Fattah 2. With the help of this engine, Fattah 2 can travel complex and unpredictable routes in the atmosphere, while the liquid fuel engine has the ability to adjust the thrust force, which helps to optimize the flight path and achieve greater range and better control over the flight speed. It is worth it.

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Liquid fuel engine nozzle in the second stage of Fattah 2

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The internal components of the second stage of Fattah 2, which are the two tanks for transporting fuel and oxidizing liquid, are visible in golden color

* Specifications of Fattah 2

Like the previous version, Fattah 2 has a primary accelerator engine similar to the Khyber Shakhan rocket engine, which separates it from the ground and transports it to a distance of several hundred kilometers and high altitude. With the end of this engine, the second stage is separated and its liquid fuel engine is turned on and the rocket is prepared for the attack phase.

It is obvious that by re-entering the atmosphere, Fattah 2 can choose the shape of the flight path like cruise missiles and can enter a new path towards the target or mislead the enemy’s missile defense systems at any time by executing a maneuver.

According to the information published about the range of Fattah 2 in the national media news report, the range of this missile reaches 1500 km. However, in the explanations given to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the range of 1800 km was also heard, which is not clear whether it is related to Fattah 2 or another weapon. . In any case, the range of this missile is achieved by the first stage engine that enables it to be launched from the ground, and by the liquid fuel propellant built inside it, and by the appearance of the body.

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Upper control beam in the second stage of Fattah 2

The thickness of the sides of the wings as well as the tip of the nose of Fattah 2 in itself shows that this projectile is ready to fly and control at speeds above Mach 5, which was announced in the news report of the national media as the speed of this new weapon is Mach 10. This speed in itself is a big problem for the enemy’s anti-missile air defense systems, not to mention that it is combined with the ability of unpredictable maneuvers and fails the search and tracking algorithms of those systems.

* Design features of Fattah 2

According to the published images, it seems that Fattah 2 has the ability to control and change direction only by using aerodynamic wings, and no moving nozzle is used in its engine, as a result, as the commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force pointed out to the General Command during the explanation. Fattah 2 is designed to attack the enemy in the atmosphere.

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As mentioned, in the design of the appearance of Fattah 2, the IRGC specialists have gone through the conical shapes and circular sections like the original Fattah and have brought a body with an appearance very close to the modern designs of hypersonic missiles of the leading countries in aerospace sciences.

In these forms, the body form with a wedge-shaped pattern has the ability to produce more lift force at lower attack angles compared to conical projectiles, so it will be easier to reach higher ranges for these types of projectiles.

On the lower sides of the body, appendages are placed from the middle to the end of the body, which naturally leads to an increase in the force of the attack despite the lowest angle of attack. Obviously, reaching such a shape requires many studies and simulations in the field of aerodynamic design, in order to obtain a design with optimal flight characteristics and sufficient structural strength for it.

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The second stage of Fattah 2 and its complete missile

Due to the more complex shape of the body, the control beams installed outside the body in Fattah 2 do not have symmetry in the installation position, which makes it necessary to go through different scientific and computational steps compared to the cross-arranged beams in the previous example of Fattah; The complexities that the experts of the IRGC Aerospace Force had no problem solving and went to this design in such a way that the two lower beams are placed on the horizontal plane and perform the work of the elevator, and the two upper beams with a V-shaped combination to function like a vertical rudder. are being used.

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Two control beams installed on top of the body of the second stage of Fattah 2

In a tactical combination with the previous example of Fattah, which is tasked with attacking air defense systems and critical enemy facilities from outside the atmosphere, Fattah 2 moves inside the atmosphere to reach the target outside the observation area of ​​the enemy’s early warning systems.

Due to the ability to maneuver and change the direction of movement, Fattah 2, if seen by the enemy’s AWACS, does not give enough time to counter the defense system of the other side and makes them constantly need to update their new position in order to design a suitable way to repel the attacker’s threat. It is not clear which new direction Fattah 2 will move in the next few moments. As a result, it will be practically impossible for the best air forces in the world to defend against such an attacker.

The display of Fattah 2’s internal components is reminiscent of the “Ya Ali” cruise display at the IRGC’s previous exhibition about a decade ago. As a result, it can be concluded that the IRGC is developing more advanced models in the Fattah hypersonic missile family, which at the right time will unveil.

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