CNN details the draft agreement for the release of Zionist prisoners in Gaza – rahnam

According to rahnam International News Agency, CNN reported, citing two informed sources, that the new draft agreement for the release of Israeli prisoners in Gaza calls for a five-day halt in the war in exchange for the release of 50 prisoners by the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas.

This media writes that the agreement has not yet been reached and its text is being revised between the parties, but White House officials express unprecedented optimism about the progress made in the negotiations.

The sources said that the gaps had been bridged in some areas and that while the talks could still break down, there was a possibility that a deal could be reached in the next few days.

“We think we’re closer to an agreement than we’ve ever been in the last few weeks,” John Feiner, the deputy chairman of the White House National Security Council, told CNN.

Simultaneously with the expansion of domestic and international pressure on the authorities of the Zionist regime, speculations regarding the establishment of a humanitarian break and a ceasefire are being strengthened in the world media.

“Mohammed Abul Homs”; A member of the Quds National Labor Council in a conversation with a rahnam reporter in the West Bank while rejecting the false claims of the army and senior political and military officials of the Zionist regime regarding the presence of Palestinian resistance fighters in hospitals and medical centers said: If a ceasefire is established, the lies of the Zionists will be exposed. It is clear that no military forces are present inside Gaza hospitals except for the medical staff and the wounded and their families.

At the same time as the scope of criticism of the Zionist regime’s crimes is expanding in the eyes of the world public opinion and senior officials of other countries, on the domestic front, Netanyahu’s cabinet has been widely criticized for not achieving significant achievements on the battle fronts and for weakening the Palestinian resistance.

Simultaneously with the release of videos of Zionist prisoners in resistance groups, the families of these people are holding street marches demanding that Netanyahu step down from power and return their children home.

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